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Journey With Us to PERU...



Journey With Us From July 31st - August 8th, 2023... with an OPTIONAL AYAHUASCA RETREAT!

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Optional Ayahuasca Retreat >>>>>

Join my wife, Vera, and I as we travel to Peru for a heart centered, transformational, journey that is sacred, spiritual, historical, cultural, and structured for you to enjoy your time and for your safety. Vera has been leading spiritual groups to Peru for 33 years and this is the first time back since the publication of her book, Shamanic Mysteries of Peru - The Heart Wisdom of The High Andes.

This journey includes the Serpent of Light Activation and the Mosoq Karpay initiation, exploration of Cusco - Capital of the Inca Empire, Cosmic Temple of Saqsayhuaman, Sacred Valley of the Inca Masters, Ollantaytambo the Lemurian Temple of Love, Pisac the Falcon Temple, Aguas Calientes and two amazing days in Machu Picchu, the Inca ancient University, as so much more!


Plus we have added TWO additional options for you to enhance your journey even more. Choose one or both. Click on the text below to discover more about each journey.

The Journey Begins...

Your Home to Lima, Peru

From your home you will be flying into Lima, the capital of Peru. You may arrive as early as you wish and if you do we will be happy to suggest best places to stay and what to do. And we are happy to assist you with any reservations you may need in Lima. However, if you arrive the afternoon or evening prior to your Cusco to Lima flight, we highly recommend the airport hotel as it is safe, convenient, and minutes away from the terminal.  

July 31: Lima to Cusco. Official Start of Your Journey


An early morning flight from to Cusco, the Holy City, and capital of the Incan Empire. After a warm welcome and greetings from the Spirits of the Earth local team you will take another short ride by vehicle to our hotel in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The remainder of the day is for resting to acclimate to the altitude (9,000 ft./2700 m).

In the late afternoon, we will have gather as a group to begin to know each other, answer any questions you may have, and set the intentions for our journey together.

August 1: Serpent of Light Activation - Pacha Mama's Day

As we gather in circle Vera will share with you about the Inca Prophecy and why Peru is considered by many sages of today the birth place of the New Earth. Additionally, how the Serpent of Light Activation will take us to a higher dimensions. This Initiation is part of the ancient prophecies, where we step into Being the Ones giving birth to Oneness Consciousness.

​We have scheduled this initiation to align with one the most important days for the Andes people. From August 1st through the 6th, the Andes people believe Mother Earth - Pacha Mama - opens her heart to received our gratitude. Today all the Andeans are in celebration, offering to our great mother the best of the best: their prayers, corns, sweets, and love, unique from each village, yet coming together as an expression community. It is one of the most beautiful thanksgiving celebrations you will ever participate in. 

Peru Master 069.JPG

At this powerful Serpent temple our dear Paqo--High Priest of the Q’ero Nation—will transmit our first Karpay. The Q’ero people have lived for centuries in villages at 18,000 feet of elevation, and were thought to have disappeared until they descended from the mountains in the 1950s to share their wisdom and their prophecies with all people. They are known as weavers of the Light, they weave 5th dimensional symbols into their manta cloths, which emanate light and living energy.


Their clothes have the same symbols woven into them as those of the ancient Inca. Their language is considered to be over 20,000 years old, and is believed to have seeded ancient Hebrew and Sanskrit, which are the languages of many of our holy texts. They are one of the few civilizations on Earth that still hold their ancient teachings and ancient codes intact, as they have not been influenced or invaded by other cultures.

Their history, which has been handed down from generation to generation perhaps for thousands of years, states that they are of the same lineage as the ancient Mayans, Hopi, Navajo, and Tibetans, and their language and rituals share ​many similarities.

August 2nd: Moray

After our delicious Peruvian breakfast, we gather in circle to process aspects of our life that are no longer serving us. To begin our day, you are invited to partake in The Forgiveness Dance. The intention is to free you from things weighing you down. It is a safe exercise and a beautiful way to set your intention for day. 


With our light heart and filled with joy, we travel to Moray ---  the Mother’s Womb where we will have some quality time being in the high frequencies of Moray. Frequencies intentionally created by the ancestors of this area.

Today, our Paqo (Inca Priest) will be leading a ceremony to bless us with an ancient transmission of energy, a rites of passage called Llankay Karpay. A Karpay transmission is where a Paqo intercedes on our behalf by invoking the Elemental Beings to assist us in the shift from the human beings we are to the luminous beings we are all becoming. By planting an intentional Luminous seed that literally infuses itself into our DNA, this seed, once given to us by them and fed by us, will grow in our energetic 

fields and is there to assist us in transforming our lives. The Q’ero's Karpay assists us by expediting this process exponentially. All who received the gift of their transmissions are instantly initiated Paqos of this ancient lineage and become themselves ambassadors of the Earth. ​The Q’ero medicine is intentional. The transmissions you will receive from the medicine man is much like an attunement of power. The process carries an amazing energetic intensity and needs your focus with all the clarity you can offer to maximize the results of each transmission. After the Karpay you will be considered by them an ambassador, going home with tools to use in your lives and to help others in their own awakening journey.

Llankay can be roughly translated as “work” or “service” towards all living creations and the universe (cosmos, “Source”, Creator, etc). It is a state of consciousness where each individual’s soul purpose, or path in life, is in service to their fellow human being as well as the cosmos. Everything that we do is in ultimate service to the Divine.
Llankay is an explanation that we are all one part of a bigger picture and that each part is inherently dependent on the other. Every thought, word, and deed affects everyone and everything in this experience of life so much so that it would be wise to live consequently and with integrity and without fear. Llankay allows us to express our creativity through our work and can also be thought to symbolize the power of the physical body, or our animal selves. Its energy resides in the physical body below the ribcage to the groin and coincides with the first three chakras. With Llankay, we know that we are not alone. The lesson of Llankay is “We are all Connected.”

August 3rd: Ollantaytambo - Ayni

We start our day early, today receiving the ​Munay Karpay. If there is an English word to describe Munay, the closest would be “love”, yet Munay is more of a consciousness of acceptance and appreciation for all creation and all that is. It is more in line with universal and unconditional love. 


Munay understands that we are all different in that we will have different opinions and may be on different paths in our lifetime and that it is okay since paradoxically we are all similar in that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. The area in our physical body where the energy of Munay rests is around the Heart chakra (4th energy center around the physical heart). Like the Heart chakra, Munay bridges our lower self with our Higher Self and it is the center that holds us together. The practice of Munay focus on the positive and let go of the heavy energy such as anger and resentment which tend to “weigh a person down”. The lesson of Munay is “We are One.”

We then travel through the Sacred Valley to the ancient town of Ollantaytambo. Prior to the Incas Ollantaytambo was known as a Lemurian Temple of Love, today also called Temple of the Sun. Here we will experience a profound energy that is somehow connected to six enormous pink stones that were mysteriously transported to this site.

Ayni Ceremony

Ayni is the Andean concept of ‘reciprocity’, which provides the foundation for how the Andean people relate to each other, as well as how they relate to Nature as they don’t see themselves as being separate from Nature.


In Ayni you don’t give or receive something without reciprocity. So as we come to offer our talents, treasures, and time, we will leave with unlimited blessings. Each year our ​groups offers something unique and special to the children and Natives of a remote village and on this day you will have an opportunity to touch someone’s heart in a way you never thought would be possible. Many consider this experience the highlight of their trip. 


After returning to our hotel, we will have free time to enjoy our retreat facilities. You may choose a special Andean SPA treatment or have time alone to meditate and connect with the powerful mountains that surround our retreat center.

August 4th & 5th: Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu

machu picchu.jpg

In the early morning of the 4th we will board a train to Machu Picchu. The breathtaking view of the Urubamba Valley, where time stands still, will be a special preparation for our arrival in the Sacred Crystal City, known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
After we check into our hotel in the Aguas Calientes village, we will take a 30 minute bus ride to experience what will live with you for the rest of your life: Machu Picchu. Where words and pictures will never do it justice, it is to be experienced.


Before entering Machu Picchu we will ask permission of Machu Picchu’s spiritual guides to allow us to enter its sacred walls.

After a sunset meditation at Intihuatana, the highest point of Machu Picchu, we take the last bus down to the village where you can enjoy a lovely dinner together.


August 5th, an early start to the day, as we will again return to Machu Picchu for a sunrise ceremony. As the sun rises over the mountains of Machu Picchu, we will be in ceremony welcoming Taita Inti (Father Sun) and its healing rays of light and blessings upon us on this new day. 

After our sunrise service you are free to stay in Machu Picchu as long as you wish. The rest of the day is yours to follow your heart's desires. You may also wish to explore Aguas Calientes... including their hot springs. 

We meet at the end of the day for another group dinner. 

machu picchu sunrise.jpg

August 6th: Machu Picchu - Pisac


Our train leaves Aguas Calientes early morning, in our way to Cusco we will explore the amazing temple of Pisac.

Here our Paqo will offer us  our final Karpay. When Llankay and Munay are in proper balance and relationship, it allows one to manifest the third Inca law of Yachay. Yachay translates as “wisdom” and is more of an inner knowing and higher consciousness of our “authentic”, or true, selves. It understands that we are not our egos and are much more.


Yachay allows us to release our identity with the several roles we play in life which have the tendency to bind us down and prevent us from “remembering” who we truly are. Yachay enables us to reach a state of inner peace and joy regardless of the strife and turmoil occurring externally. It is a state of stillness and presence. Meditation is a key practice that can lead to a state of Yachay. The energy of Yachay resides around our fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras, centering around the forehead between the eyebrows (the “Third Eye” area). Yachay is all about living in the present. The lesson of Yachay is “All is Well.”

After this initiation and time for meditation with the energy of the Falcon and Wire (the God of wind) we can explore the small village of Pisac. 

End of the day, we will travel back to Cusco.

August 7th: Cusco

Cusco – Navel of the Earth – according to the Incas, is a warm and lovely city. The memories of its ancient inhabitants are still alive.
The Incas developed an advanced awareness of energy and the knowledge of how to utilize each vibration for growth and transformation. Each temple was built at a specific point of power and are in direct alignment with each other and the Stars, as above so below.

Morning exploration of Cusco and its most important temples... afternoon free for a walking around and get to know more of the heart of Cusco, a treasure standing still on time... enjoy the magic of Cusco! 

cusco 1.jpg
cusco square.JPG

August 8th: Cusco  - Lima

After breakfast we transfer to the airport to check in to our flight back to Lima. If you have time to leave the airport for a few hours before your international check in, we suggest a visit to the coast of Lima-Peru to enjoy a final Peruvian meal.


For those of you traveling back home, our hearts are filled with gratitude that you joined us on this journey. We wish you safe travels back to your home and hope to see you again on one of our sacred travels. For those who are traveling on to Lake Titicaca... your journey continues. 


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