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Life Vision to Mastery

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What Misti has to say about creating her Life Vision to Mastery..."Working with Jim to create my Life Vision was nothing short of amazing. Jim is a very positive and uplifting person. His input was invaluable, as now my life vision has morphed into a masterpiece dripping with emotional enthusiasm. I am not new to Life Vision but my old statement pales in comparison to the version I wrote with Jim. He also encouraged me to write with actionable items in mind so that I learn to manage my commitments, increasing the power and velocity of my desires. Somehow he even helped me write with more clarity than I had before. I highly recommend his program to anyone who is ready to jump in the driver’s seat to become the creator of their destiny. Jim is a very special person, who works from a place of inspiration. My meetings with him were always something I looked forward to and left feeling my vibrations rising from sitting in his presence. Go after your perfect life with a sense of ownership, Jim will empower you to go for it. I told him I will rewrite a review every year so that I can show others how my life has changed from this ongoing practice. I am confident it will work because I have already felt a huge shift in my existence since I have been making this plan a priority."​​​​

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