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Life Vision to Mastery

Welcome to your personal Life Vision to Mastery class. Creating and designing a life vision will make you the architect of your destiny - your future that calls you with inspiration.

In a world of uncertainty, fast change, and a "more, better, and faster" mentality, it is very easy to lose sight of our deep desires, and what truly inspires us. The Life Vision to Mastery class is designed to help and support you not only to distinguish between your life purpose and life vision but also to empower you to create and design a life vision that calls you to be the master, the architect, of your life.

What are your deepest desires that remain untapped?


What hopes, dreams, and desires do you harbor, that you long to turn into reality?

What does your future hold, if you make no changes? 


In the Life Vision to Mastery class, you will learn how to empower yourself to manifest and live a life, that perhaps today, is beyond your wildest dreams. 


Break Through Limiting Beliefs and Habits

Having the awareness you want your life to be different is the starting point of all transformation in your life. But awareness doesn't change your life. Only if you have the desire for life to be different, will you be inspired to take action to make changes happen. The Life Vision to Mastery works for you to create your life... it becomes your blueprint to creating, designing and living a purposeful, authentic, and fulfilling life. 


Life Purpose and Life Vision

Life purpose and life vision are two distinct, yet interconnected concepts. Your life purpose is your core essence of who you are, your unique gifts, and becomes the foundation upon which your life vision is built. Your life vision, on the other hand, is a vivid picture of what you aspire to achieve and experience in your future. It is your guiding North Star. 

A Holistic Approach to Your Life Vision

It's one thing to write your life vision, it's another universe to create it in a holistic way. You will learn to embody your life vision, where your vision doesn't exist "out there" but rather you become the embodiment of your vision. Your life is an expression of your vision. 

Utilizing a holistic, multi-disciplinary, approach in creating and living your life vision will have you manifesting people and things in your life as... well it isn't magic... but rather a reflection of your greatness as a divine creator.

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Be Your Greatness

What Misti has to say about creating a Life Vision to Mastery for herself..."Working with Jim to create my Life Vision was nothing short of amazing. Jim is a very positive and uplifting person. His input was invaluable, as now my life vision has morphed into a masterpiece dripping with emotional enthusiasm. I am not new to Life Vision but my old statement pales in comparison to the version I wrote with Jim. He also encouraged me to write with actionable items in mind so that I learn to manage my commitments, increasing the power and velocity of my desires. Somehow he even helped me write with more clarity than I had before. I highly recommend his program to anyone who is ready to jump in the driver’s seat to become the creator of their destiny. Jim is a very special person, who works from a place of inspiration. My meetings with him were always something I looked forward to and left feeling my vibrations rising from sitting in his presence. Go after your perfect life with a sense of ownership, Jim will empower you to go for it. I told him I will rewrite a review every year so that I can show others how my life has changed from this ongoing practice. I am confident it will work because I have already felt a huge shift in my existence since I have been making this plan a priority."

Join me today...

Transform your life in ways you dream of today... let's turn those dreams into your reality! Create a life of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment... beyond your wildest dreams. Life Vision to Mastery transforms your life from the inside out, regardless of your past challenges or current circumstances.


Your New You Awaits... 

Discover what matters most in your life.


Stop playing small, be the architect of your life. A life of living your greatness!

Life Vision to Mastery is held via zoom. I facilitate the class, guiding you to create your vision in major areas of your life that matter to you. You will have your completed Vision to Mastery at the end of the workshop... but it is never really complete, as it is a dynamic North Star in your life.   

Schedule your discovery call for the Life Vision to Mastery class today, I will answer any questions and concerns you may have, we will have a conversation about possibilities for your life, and let's make sure it is a great fit for both of us. One Class: Life Transformation. Here's the link...

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