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Evolving to Mastery Men's Group

Hey Guys... welcome to Evolving to Mastery Men's Group, a no-cost virtual men's group where the group's name holds the keys to our journey:

  • Evolving: Love is spelled backwards in evolve. We are committed to living a life connected to our heart or divine wisdom.

  • Mastery: Mastery is an infinite journey of being and becoming. To be the master of your life. To define and live with purpose, causing you to have a fulfilling life, and always in alignment with your life's vision.

Evolving to Mastery Men's Group is first about commUNITY. Men coming together in a safe and sacred space to build a commUNITY... and make profound connections. Where everyone is honored for who they are and we are a stand for every man to live as an expression of their full potential.

When: 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month

Time: 6 to 7:30 pm Mexico City time zone

Where: Via Zoom











Who: The group is open to men of all ages. My request for joining the group is that you are committed to living a life of evolving, with purpose, have interest in ancient wisdom, universal principles, fundamental truths, and a commitment to take these back into your life to have them make a transformational shift in your life.

Once you join the group, you have a standing invitation to be part of the group, trusting that as the group grows and evolves, we will attract like minded men and create a dynamic, altruistically selfish, group of great guys.

What: Here are the thoughts I have as a place to begin, to launch our group from. Trusting our purpose and our collective energy to guide us for the betterment of all.


  • Evolving to Mastery is our strong group identity and purpose. One that everyone embodies the essence of it's meaning.

  • Begin each meeting with a centering practice that deliberately creates our space, bringing us all present for the meeting. 

  • Our meetings include time for sharing and building community - getting to know each other!

  • Members take turns leading segments of the meeting. As examples; one guy is in charge of the opening centering practice per month. Per quarter, another guy is in charge of the discussion topic / speaker for the meetings. Bottom line, we are all actively part of creating the meeting as well as participating in it. 

  • ~20 minutes of our meeting is devoted to learning. I would like to offer that one meeting a month, I provide the learning material. The other meeting each month - we all have gifts and talents - other guys host the learning segment. And we are always open and welcome members to suggests topics they would like to explore.

  • A private Facebook group for us to share, stay connected, and continue discussions between meetings.

  • Celebrate milestones, accomplishments, and special occasions of group members. 

  • I am a huge proponent of life visioning. Every meeting we spend time dedicated to our life visions. I will provide complementary assets on life visioning with member discounts on the workbook and life visioning coaching.  

  • FUN! Yes, we cover deep subjects and have tough conversations but life is also about having fun along the way. Let us never forget this. 

  • As a member of the Evolving to Mastery Men's group, I am offering a 20% discount on all services and products of the O.M. Spiritual Center.

Are you ready to experience life on a profound and authentic level? Do you want to be the architect of your destiny? As a man seeking to unlock your true potential, enrolling in the Evolving to Mastery program will be the most transformative decision you ever make. Schedule your call with me today... let's have a discussion about the group and how everyone is better because of you being part of the group. Here is my calendar to schedule a call convenient for you.

The future. I am confident that as the group grows and the synergy builds, I want to create workshops and in person retreats. And I'm sure more will happen as we collectively build our men's group and embark on evolving to mastery individually and collectively.

Come for the wisdom, stay for the fun.

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