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Higher Ground
Pendulum Session

Higher Ground pendulum sessions are sessions where we work in "Higher Ground" - higher consciousness. Utilizing ancient tools - a pendulum and a magnet*- to guide us to help your bodies to heal and unlock negative energy. 

Utilizing a pendulum allows you to connect with your Higher Self, I AM Self, transcending your egoic mind to uncover stuck emotions, energy blocks, limiting beliefs, past life baggage, and issues that hold you back, have you living in fear, and by releasing these issue(s), your physical, emotional, energetic bodies can heal. 

In a Higher Ground session, using a pendulum, custom charts, and a magnet* to have you connect to issues that reside in your emotional and/or energetic bodies, and unconsciousness, and once identified, you clear - unblock - release the issue(s) identified. You are welcome to bring any issue to your session. But often what is showing up in one's life is but a mask for the underlying cause. For this reason, I invite you to come to your session in the moods of openness, curiosity, and wonder. 

I facilitate the session and use of the pendulum for guidance. The "work" is all you - connecting to and communicating with your conscious self: I AM Self. We engage in a dialog guided by what you want to cover and coupled with the charts the pendulum directs us to. Again, it is YOUR I AM Self that guides your process. 

What to expect from a session? Often it seems as if little or nothing is happening. Being energy work it often occurs subtly. But don't confuse lack of conscious feeling with how powerful this is. Releasing a lifetime or lifetimes of baggage, decades of trapped emotions, unlocking negative energy, and/or transcending forever your saboteur, will give you a sense of freedom and lightness - you have aligned more into your Truth, your Light, clarity, purpose, peacefulness, joy, and love... for starters.

*If you have any medical condition that prevents you from putting a magnet on your body, please let me know and I will adjust your session such that a magnet is not needed.


What to do and know in preparing for a Higher Ground Session

  • Have a magnet* available for your session. Nothing fancy is needed, a refrigerator magnet will work just fine.

  • Higher Ground sessions are conducted in sacred space - a awakened meditative space. 

  • Create your environment to support you. A quite, uninterrupted space for the duration of our 60 minute session. 

  • Upon completion of the session, people experience coming back differently. Some people can get up and go about life but please don't plan on this. It is reasonable to expect you just experienced deep and transformative work in one or more aspects of yourself. It is advised to plan the rest of the day to be peaceful and quite.

  • Drink plenty of water after the session. Water flushes away the old, detoxes, while hydrating the body. The perfect remedy for after a Higher Ground session. 

  • Give thought prior to your session on the topic(s), issue(s) you want to address in your session. Know that where you begin may not be where you end up. But any topic or issue is welcomed in your session. 

If you have any further questions please reach out to me. If you would like to schedule your Higher Ground session now, your investment for a 1-hour session is $119 and click on the link below to pay and schedule.



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