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Here is the list...

Aji: Toby Hecht

Autobiography of a Yogi: Paramahansa Yogananda

A Course in Miracles: I personally prefer the one published by the Circle of Atonement organization in Sedona, AZ.

A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century: Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein

A Parenthesis in Eternity: Joel S. Goldsmith

A Theory of Everything: Ken Wilbur

Christ Returns: Recorder

Crucial Conversations: Greeny, Patterson, McMillan, Switzler, Gregory

Discovery of the Presence of God: Dr. David Hawkins

Emotional Clearing: John Ruskan

Emotional Intelligence 2.0: Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

Frabato The Magician: Franz Bardon

Genesis: Kardec

Global Mind Change: Willis Harman

Heart Centered Metaphysics: Paul Hasselbeck

How to Know a Person: David Brooks

I: Dr. David Hawkins


I AM: Howard Falco

In Search of Being: G. I. Gurdjieff

Ikigai: Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles

Initiation Into Hermetics: Franz Bardon

Integral Consciousness: Steve McIntosh

Integral Spirituality: Ken Wilber

Kabbalah: Gershom Scholem

Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence: Chalmers Brothers and Vinay Kumar

Language of Emotions: Karla McLaren

Leadership and the New Science: Margaret J. Wheatley

Learning as Transformation: Mezirow & Associates

Letting Go: Dr. David Hawkins

Life and Teaching Volumes 1 - 6: Spalding

Living Without Fear: Ernest Holms

Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism: Gershom Scholem

Mastery: George Leonard


Meetings with Remarkable Men: G. Gurdjieff


Metaphysics I & II: Unity Institute

Mysticism: Evelyn Underwood

Oahspe: The Eloists, Inc

One Small Step Can Change Your Life: Robert Maurer, Ph.D.

Oneness: Rasha

Power vs. Force: Dr. David Hawkins

Prelude to Ascension: Janet McClure

Q: The Lost Gospel: Burton L. Mack

Reflections of the Christ Mind: Paul Ferrini

Reinventing Organizations: Frederick LaLoux

Restoring the Soul of the World: David Fideler

Samadhi: Santata Gamana

Samadhi: Ivan Antic

Siddhartha: Hermann Hesse

Sefer Yetzirah: Aryeh Kaplan

SOAR: Jim Hostler 

Sustainability by Design: John R. Ehrenfeld

The Ascent of Humanity: Charles Eisenstein​

The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

The Complete I Ching: Alfred Huang

The Courage To Be Disliked: Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Michael Wise, Martin Abegg Jr., Edward Cook

The Dhammapada: Eknath Easwaran

The Edinburgh Lectures: Thomas Troward

The Emotion Code: Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Essence of Sufism: John Baldock

The Essene Gospel of Peace: Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

The Essene Law: S. Asher

The Eye of the I: Dr. David Hawkins

The Fourth Way: P.D. Ouspensky

The Gospel According to Spiritism: Kardec

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve: Rev. Gideon Jasper & Richard Ouseley M.A.


The Gospel of Thomas: Meyer

The Heart Aroused: David Whyte

The Heart of Laser Focused Coaching: Marion Franklin

The Hiram Key: Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas

The Holographic Universe: Michael Talbot

The "I AM" Discourses: Saint Germain Press

The Journey: Brandon Bays

The Jeshua Letters: Jayem

The Key to the True Kabbalah: Franz Bardon

The Last Word on Power: Tracy Goss

The Magic Presence: Saint Germain Press

The Metaphysics: Aristotle


The Nag Hammadi Library: Robinson

The Nine Faces of Christ: Eugene E Whitworth

The Passion of the Western Mind: Richard Tarnas

The Pathwork of Self-Transformation: Eva Pierrakos

The Power In You: Thomas Troward

The Practice Of Magical Evocation: Franz Bardon

The RA Material: Ra

The Right Questions: Debbie Ford

The Sacred Books of the East: Various Oriental Scholars, Oxford Press 1886

The Secret Teachings of ALL AGES: Manly P. Hall

The Science of Mind: Ernest Holmes

The Science of Success: Wattles

The Social Animal: David Brooks

The Spiritual Man: Watchman Nee

The Spirits' Book: Allan Kardec

The Theory of Everything: Ken WIlber

The Unopened Gift: Newby & Nunez

The Untethered Soul: Michael Singer

The Upanishads: Eknath Easwaran

The Urantia Book: Urantia Foundation

The Way of Mastery: Shanti Christo Foundation

Theory U: C. Otto Scharmer

Timeless Wisdom: Eknath Easwaran

Total Freedom: J Krishnamurti

Transcending the Levels of ConsciousnessDr. David Hawkins

Truth vs. Falsehood: Dr. David Hawkins

Unveiled Mysteries: Saint Germain Press

You2: Price Pritchettt, Ph.D.

Inspired Reading Recommendations

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