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A Shamanic Journey Into Your Consciousness

3-Day Retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru July 26th - 31st, 2023

Whether you have experienced an Ayahuasca journey before, or not, each journey you take with the sacred plant medicine is unique, powerful, and insightful. It also is to be done with the utmost respect to the Mother Ayahuasca.


This is a 3-day retreat held in the Sacred Valley of Peru. It is lead by a Hipibo Healer and a Q'ero Pampamisayoq. You will get to experience two ayahuasca ceremonies in our three day retreat.

The retreat is hosted in the traditional manner, according to the Inca principle of Munay: Love. Munay principle applies to the way in which the plant medicine is prepared and how the iqaros - or shamanic chants - are sung.


I have experienced an Ayahausca journey several times and will be hosting this journey up to the arrival at the retreat center and upon leaving the retreat center. Within the retreat center, we will all journey together. Additionally, I am available from your enrollment through the journey* to answer any questions you have and provide you will help or support to ensure you have a powerful and transformative journey with us.   

*with limitations within the retreat center, as we will all be partaking in the Ayahuasca ceremony.


For you to have peace of mind and know your safety is a priority for us and the retreat center, we share the following.

We have especially chosen a retreat center in the Sacred Valley for your Ayahuasca retreat. They staff a multi-disciplinary health team consisting of a cardiologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, and a general practitioner, who is versed and has experience in native Andean and Amazonian shamanism. A Doctor is present during all Ayahuasca ceremonies with access to a full range of state of the art emergency medical equipment.

The retreat center has been operating for 40 years, which is much longer than most all other retreat centers. Safety has always been their top priority as well as ours. 

Your Ayahuasca Retreat includes the following

  • Transfer Cusco airport to Cusco Hotel upon arrival

  • 2 nights hotel in Cusco prior to beginning of retreat

  • 1 prayer circle in Cusco with Jim Hostler prior to retreat

  • All transportation to and from the retreat center

  • 2 nights/3 days accommodation within the retreat facilities. It is a retreat center, not a hotel. It is basic as there are, for example, shared bedrooms with a capacity of three people as well as shared bathrooms.

  • Your retreat will be overseen by 2 to 4 shamans, a Shipibo healer from the Amazon and an Inca medicine Q'ero healer from the Andes.

  • There is a doctor present during Ayahuasca ceremony with access to a full range of state of the art emergency medical equipment.

  • Group size is limited to 18 people allow us to maximize your safety, comfort, and to ensure personalized to your needs. 

  • NOTE: If Spirits of the Earth do not have 18 participants, we reserve the right to share the retreat center people who come to the retreat center outside of our group. 

  • Individual consultations with a shaman and psychologist to share and discuss your experiences and healing process. Consultations are available before and after the ayahuasca ceremonies.

  • Physical and psychological health questionnaire to evaluate risk factors. A doctor and psychologist are in charge of verifying the medical records and detecting any medical contraindications that may put a person planning on partaking in the Ayahuasca ceremony in harm or potential harm. 

  • Basic medical check-up at the retreat center to ensure physical suitability

  • Four different healings ceremonies, Inca shamanic healing technique, "dancing with heaven and earth".

  • Coca leaves ceremony (unification of group energy)

  • Cleansing and floral ceremony (Therapy of forgiveness)

  • Two Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • Offering of gratitude to Pachamama or Mother Earth.

  • Love meditation Munay

  • Volunteering activities with Human Actions ORG (indigenous practice of Ayni, which means reciprocity)

  • All food and drinks are a simple vegetarian diet suitable for working with medicinal plants/Ayahuasca

  • the retreat is facilitated in English

This Ayahuasca retreat does NOT include the following:

  • Extra days in Lima or Peru outside of the designated dates listed for the retreat and in the itinerary

  • Shadow work sessions listed as a bonus are included in your investment in the journey and additional sessions are available for purchase with Vera. 

  • Higher Ground sessions listed as a bonus are included in your investment in the journey and additional sessions are available for purchase with Jim.

  • 1 pm July 31st, 2023, the retreat ends. If you are returning home after the retreat, any/all transportation and hotel stays prior to your flight are not included. 

  • Anything that is considered personal. As examples, and not as an inclusive list: tips, food (not already included), gifts, Ayni (donations).


As preparation and integration of the experience we giving a powerful and ancient Inca meditation aimed at guiding you to work with the fastest and most powerful energy there is, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

VOLUNTEERING with Human Actions ORG
​Volunteering with Human Actions involves working with children that come from the poorest communities in and around Cusco. Many children are physically or mentally disadvantaged and /or orphaned. Volunteers offer help with simple tasks such as feeding, cleaning, and sharing company. The service lasts 1 to 2 hours. 

Another volunteering experience involves looking after dogs in a state of physical and emotional neglect. Volunteers help to keep the dogs spaces clean and tidy as well as grooming and feeding the dogs. This service lasts 1 to 2 hours.

A third volunteering experience is available working in a nursery helping to cultivate native plants. The trees and shrubs that are propagated are donated to reforestation projects around the Cusco area.

Our Ayahuasca Retreat is an OPTION to our July 31st - August 8th Journey OR This Can Be a Stand Alone Sacred Journey. What Serves You is The Right Option. 


Retreat Itinerary

July 27: Cusco

After a restful night and a healthy Peruvian breakfast, I will open and hosting a sacred circle to initiate our Ayahuasca retreat.

Day 1: July 28th, Cusco/Ayahausca retreat center

9:30 am. A shuttle bus will taking you to the retreat center, approximately 1 hr from Cusco.
11:00 am. Upon arrival you will be meeting with the staff and orientation of the center. Then our first cleansing ceremony.
2:00 pm.  Group meeting – introduction to the shaman and medical staff discussion about ayahuasca and ceremonies intentions - Coca leaves ceremony and prayer for the unification of energies -  Shipibo wisdom honoring the plant.
3:00 pm. Individual consultation with doctor
3:30 pm. Individual consultation with healers and psychology
7:00 pm. Andean philosophy discussion Inca religion & introduction to the meditation. 
7:30 pm. Munay Meditation
8:30 pm. Preparation for ceremony, quiet /personal meditation time in the maloka.
9:00 pm. First Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 2: July 29th at the Ayahusca Retreat Center

8:00 am. Breakfast.   
9:00 am. Volunteering activity with Human Actions - Dog shelter 
11:30 am Snacks
2:00 pm. Group meeting – a chance to share the teachings you learn from the Ayahuasca ceremony. - Shipibo wisdom Icaros and plant diet.
3:00 pm. Individual consultation with psychology and healers
3:30 pm. Time for relaxation 
5:00 pm. Andean Philosophy discussion (Munay, Yachay and Llankay)
5:30 pm. Munay meditation 
6:30 pm. Preparation for ceremony, quiet /personal meditation time in the maloka.
7:00 pm Second Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 3: July 30th, Ayahusca Retreat Center/Sacred Valley of the Incas

08:00 am Breakfast
09:00 am. Group meeting – a chance to share the teachings you learn from the Ayahuasca ceremony. 
10:00 am. Individual consultation with healers and psychology 
11:00 am. Offering of gratitude to Pachamama or Mother Earth

12:00 pm. Talking about Human Actions projects and opportunity to donate. Fill the service report and explanation of dietary restriction post-retreat and integration. 
12:30 pm. Opportunity to buy cultural hand craft from the Shipibo and Andean healers - Photos  and farewell
1:00 pm. Completion of retreat. For those joining our Serpent of Light Activation - Mosoq Karpay Initiation Journey, transportation will be provided to your hotel in the Sacred Valley. For those returning home, transfer back to Cusco, for you to rest and continue your integration for your ceremonies. 

Two Bonuses Included for You 

Vera, my wife, will be hosting 3 - online group Shadow Work Sessions prior to the beginning of our journey. 

Vera has been traveling to Peru for over 30 years. She embarked on a spiritual journey 47 years ago and has been a life-long student of spirituality, including being a coach in Shadow work.

Please check out more about Vera and Spirits of the Earth at


Dates and times for Vera's sessions will be announced after we close enrollment and will be held via Zoom. 

I am offering 2 - 1-hour Higher Ground sessions for everyone that enrolls for our Ayahuasca retreat. You can learn more about the sessions at

Upon completion of your enrollment into the retreat you will be able to schedule your sessions. 

Vera and I know that when you enroll for the retreat, your retreat starts. For this reason, our recommendation is to take this journey in three segments. 

First, from enrollment to the beginning of the retreat. For this reason we are offering our sessions complementary to help and support you in preparation for the retreat. 

Second, is the three day Ayahuasca retreat. The journey within.

Finally, after completion of the Ayahuasca retreat. We recommend, and would be honored, if you join us for the Serpent of Light Activation - Mosoq Karpay Initiation. This will give you further time for reflection and integration of your Ayahuasca experiences. 

OM Spiritual Center
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