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Questioning What Life is About

Life is too often defined about what you're doing. How busy you can keep yourself and your accomplishments. Not all bad but in between the go, go, do, more, do, lifestyle, questioning yourself about what life is about ultimately defines what you want to accomplish in your life and what you do. And in that order. Especially the western world is hell bent on doing. "How do you do that?" "What should I do?" "I don't know what to do." We believe that if we can just do enough, do more, do it differently, life, someday, maybe, I pray, will show up perfect and then, and only then, can you just be.

Questioning what life is about is the beginning of transforming your human experience. And let's begin with the only "thing" you are going to take with you when you transition out of your physical body, this physical world, is your consciousness. Embarking on growing and awakening (see Ken Wilber's book Integral Spirituality) your consciousness is job one. This is beyond the Law of Attraction. This is perhaps the most fundamental and transformative spiritual law you can not just learn but embody the learning of. And it is about energy. Energy expresses itself in frequency.

I like to use a radio as an example. Radio stations operate on different frequencies. If you tune into a jazz station, that number on the radio dial, jazz is what you expect to hear. Conversely, if I tune into a classical rock-n-roll station, I hear something far different than jazz. But that is what I expect, because that number on the dial correlates to rock-n-roll. This is no different than who we are in life. If you are tuned into sickness, stress, anxiety, frustration, resentment - this domain of low frequency emotions, you are only going to attract more of the frequency you are in! Hit the "up" button on your mood/emotion elevator. Ambition.

Ambition is a high frequency emotion. Sustained over time and it becomes a mood. It is from being in the emotion of ambition that you alter your perception of life. From this higher frequency emotion, you can now design, create, and live from, and in, what you define, desire, commit to having your life be. In the vibe of ambition, create a list of ambitions for yourself that take care of your concerns and what you care about in life. Domains to create ambitions in would include your spiritual beliefs and how they are part of your everyday life. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. What would your life look like, how would it be different, if you lived from this truth? Other areas of concerns in your life to question and create ambitions for are your body, family, career, prosperity, education, sociability, play, and dignity. Dignity being integrity combined with value. Who would you have to be (NOT DO) to fulfill with ease and grace the ambitions you just created?

And questioning what your life is all about, begins to open yourself up to levels of consciousness that will show you different possible realities for you life, that today, in a lower frequency way of being in your life, you can't even see. Now, with this knowledge, you can edit, revise, alter, your ambitions as much and as often as you like.

Blessings on your journey of transforming your human experience.


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