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New Year: New Life Vision

The start of a new year is often synonymous with resolutions, ambitious goals, and promises to transform our lives. However, as the weeks and months unfold, many find themselves straying from these intentions, with old habits sneaking back into one's life. New goals and promises drop fall back into your hope, wish and dream list. This gives cause to living a life of unfulfillment and has lead us as a society to a crisis: we lack purpose. No purpose in life and you go through life like a ship without a rudder.

A significant factor contributing to our crisis of lack of purpose is the prevalent outward focus on the material and temporal aspects of life. In a world characterized by constant change and uncertainty, relying solely on external factors for fulfillment leaves individuals feeling lost, disconnected, uncertain, experiencing anxiety, fear, - again - lack of purpose and living an unfulfilled life. There is another path.

Time to hit the pause button in life.

Hitting the pause button is a powerful, transformative tool to not change but to transform your life. To cause you to have the results in your life that today is just a dream for you. The pause button is the magic button to alter your future. To overcome past hurts, limitations, struggles and become the architect of your future. Hit that magic pause button and turn inward.

The key to breaking free from the external - material - temporal - world lies in turning inward. Your soul is your connection to divine wisdom. Your access button to your soul is through your heart; your heart wisdom. You came into this life with purpose and a gift. Be turning inward, connecting to your heart wisdom, you connect to divine intelligence. This is where you find the knowledge you have been seeking in the material world. This is where your intuition is and by tapping into it, it becomes stronger. There is were you know, and you know you know. Doubt, fear, anxiety are things of the past.

This internal exploration empowers people to establish a life vision rooted in authenticity and personal virtues. This is the path to freedom in your life. This is the path of inspiration (in-spirit).

Turning within, connect and listening to your intuition, now you create, design and live into a life vision. A life vision that is authentic to your soul's calling. Now, regardless of your past, you become the architect of your destiny. A life vision calls you into your future, a future you are constantly creating, designing, editing, and living.

Unlike external goals that may change with circumstances, a life vision provides a stable foundation for living with purpose and has you living a fulfilling life. It acts as a compass, guiding you through life's twists and turns with focus, clarity, direction, and to the level you want to take it to, velocity.

Life visions are created in 6 major areas of your life:

  1. Spiritual

  2. Health - Fitness

  3. Personal

  4. Financial

  5. Professional / Retirement

  6. Relationships

Once connected to your soul and intuition, living into your life vision, your life is filled with purpose. Living into your life vision creates your life with fulfillment. Purpose and fulfillment are natural consequences of living your life vision. Instead of succumbing to the external pressures of societal expectations, cultural norms, your history, you are guided by a North Star; you life vision. It keeps you connected to what you care about most in your life.

This is how you tap into your virtues and gifts and bring them to the world. With inspiration and intuition on your side you turn even your wildest dreams into reality. Grounded and guided by your inner wisdom, you transcend fleeting achievements and external validations you thought you needed from the outer world.

The crisis of purpose in our society is not an insurmountable challenge. By shifting our focus from external pursuits to internal exploration, we can unlock a reservoir of passion, purpose, and inspiration. As we embrace the wisdom within, New Year's resolutions transform from fleeting aspirations to enduring life visions. It's time to break free from the cycle of unfulfilled goals and embark on a journey guided by the authentic voice of our souls.

Are you ready to embark on your Life Vision? To tap into, create, and live into your future filled with purpose, intuition, and inspiration? Contact me, I offer a 6 week coaching package, Life Vision to Mastery, where I will help and support you to become the architect of your destiny, helping and coaching you to create your life vision in all six areas of your life. Click on the button below to schedule a convenient time for us to get your life vision started.


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