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Body, Emotions & Language

We often workout to get into better physical shape. You hear people say things like, "control your emotions", "It'll be alright", "stop crying", "real men don't show emotions", and many other reactions to our emotions. And in listening to people talk, saying things like "I'd never do that", "I can't do that", or to hear them with their habitual list of affirmations of things they can't or won't do: fixed assumptions they treat as truth, speaking and acting accordingly. We act, treat, and speak as though these three domains, Body, Emotions, and Language are separate things in our life. They are not.

Like a kaleidoscope, when you turn it and the picture changes, our body, emotions, and language work the same way. One changes, it impacts and it affects the other two. You can't have an emotion without it affecting the body. You speak and the language you use affects your emotions and body. You workout and feel better... working out the body affects one's emotions. The body, emotions, and language are in constant connection and communication.

If you feel the emotion of anger, notice where it is in your body. Do you feel your blood pressure jacked? Tightness in your body, reflecting a fight or flight mindset? Or take an emotion of joy. How does your body shift from being angry? Does your body feel lighter?Your facial expressions show a lightness and your eyes "show" your "happy about something".

Be mindful of what you say. Why do you think they call it "spelling" when you learn to write? Words have power, they are energy. You are, in affect, putting energy into the universe to call forth that what you speak. and the universe doesn't know the difference between what is real and when your joking. It honors the frequency of the language you use. Like attracts unto itself.

Our body speaks to us. A sore throat may be more of a sign of what you are not saying that getting a "bug". Falling and breaking a leg may have more to do with what are you afraid of in your future (walking into) than "I accidently fell". There are no accidents in the universe. Your feeling tired, drained, stressed, sitting at your desk all day. Get up and move the body changes the emotions associated with stress, frustration, and feeling tired.

Emotions are powerful. Learning to be, simply be, with an emotion is one of the most powerful, transformative, and telling things, we as a human being can so. Sadness for example. We are taught to run from it, cover it up, deny it, or escape from it. Being with the emotion of sadness has beauty in its core. Because sadness tells you what you care for. The art of being with your emotions is so critical to one's health. Take stress, one of the biggest killers of the human being in our modern world... quite an oxymoron. Living at a time we have never had more material wealth only to die from the stress of having it. Our body and emotions are deeply connected. Why do you think they call it dis-ease. One it not at easy at their the level of their soul having stuffed our emotions, most of us, for decades.

Awareness is choice point. Becoming aware of the connections between body, emotions, and language opens you to infinite possibilities, and freedom. Freedom to discover your true self. Freedom from the bondage of what you thought or believed to caused the struggle, frustration, breakdowns, fear, in your life. And possibilities you couldn't see just a moment ago when you were seeing your life through the lense of life not being the way you wanted to be.

A great, self-empowering exercise with the connection of the body, emotions, and language is meditation. Well, meditation and prayer reside at the pinnacle of what to "do" at any time. But they aren't doing, rather they are first a way of being. To be in meditation, consciously to meditate on your connection of these three domains in your life. Listen to your inner wisdom. What is your body telling you. What emotion(s) are you feeling? What does that emotion want to tell you. And Language doesn't mean always what is spoken. Listen in meditation to the inner "small still voice". This is the domain of true wisdom.

Knowing how these these three domains are connected and learning how to be with them, listen to them, learn from them, opens they keys to living your life in peace, harmony, joy, and freedom.




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