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Ground Zero for Transformation

You want things to be different. If only... my job, profession, relationship(s), health, finances, (this list is almost endless)... would change. How life would be different, better, if things changed. Change. But the more you try, the more you find yourself back to where you began...wishing things to be different.

So how can you cause your life to be better, different, transformed, with lasting change? First, let's look at the prevailing model. With technology, time often is measured in milliseconds. We are driven to do things faster and faster. We have more information available to us than what was even conceivable not that many years ago. We are driven by and to actions. More, better, different actions. But these actions are like riding a carousel because you keep coming back to the same place you left, not that long ago, and still looking for different results. but you are left tired, frustrated, and unfulfilled. There has to be a better way. There is. A way that causes lasting, permanent, life altering, consciousness raising, transformative change.

The journey, the path of transforming your life is like a road map. The road map lays out the path to take but there are no guarantees that you won't experience a thunderstorm, blizzard, road construction, an accident that stops traffic, a detour... the list goes on and on with possibilities of things that could happen on your road trip from here to there. But despite what may come up, stick to the map and you will arrive at your destination.

And the journey of self transformation is like a road map. We never know what life is going to throw at us but with our transformational "road map", we always have a place to come to, ensuring we are still on the path. So where does your journey of transforming your life begin? It begins exactly where you are and exactly where you are not. Take an inventory of your life. Your profession, career, relationships, where you live, what you have, your physical health, finances, go as broad and deep as you wish or begin with one thing, the choice is yours. Awareness of where you are, where you are not, is about acceptance. Total acceptance of your life, in all respects, in all aspects, as it is, now.

Acceptance doesn't mean agreeing with how your life is. It doesn't mean you can't or won't change something. But until and unless you are in acceptance, you are resisting something. And what you resist owns you. OWNS YOU. And how do you tell if you are in acceptance? Peace. Peace beyond understanding is your beingness when you are in a state of acceptance. Peace is a level of consciousness. Peace is freedom. Peace is being true to your essence. Peace is being authentic. Peace gives you a place, a level of consciousness to come from. If you are resisting something, is it worth giving up your peace for? But you're thinking, "ya but... " you really want to change "x". Hold that thought, I'm coming to it. I first want to offer a holistic perspective to transformation. Again, the beginning of a transformative altering of your consciousness begins with acceptance.

Being peace is the emotional place to begin your transformative journey. Next stop, your body. Being centered, grounded, aware of your breathing, is physically where you want to be in your physical beingness. Notice the difference as you (whether you're sitting or standing) roll your shoulders back, open up your chest, breath to your navel... deep breaths. Feel the safety of your body in how your are sitting or standing. Anchor yourself to Gaia: connect. Feel yourself shift into this peaceful, tranquil, yet anchored and alert space. Breathe into this space.

The final area to address is your language. Ever notice we "spell" a word? Because words have energy, they cast a spell! And the multiverse doesn't know humor. When you make a joke to belittle yourself or another, that is spoken as the truth. As it relates to language the place to be in language for transformation to occur is silence. Silence is the eloquence of wisdom.

Peaceful, centered, and in silence. Now and only now can you cause your transformation. In this space there is nothing (no-thing) to push back on. There is nothing to resist. There is total freedom and you are expressing from the Truth, the essence of who you are. This is also where wisdom is found. Now you choose and in choosing you respond into a situation, to a person, to what is being said or not said, to a cause you want to be a stand for. This is the context of your beingness and how you respond into your life. When an emotion or thought comes up you observe it, you don't act on it. You be with it. Let the "chemical hit" of the thought or emotion run its course in your body. Only when you return to your peaceful, centered, silent place to you make any decisions on what to do.

Are you going to be in this space all the time? Of course not. But this space, your "ground zero" is initially like a muscle and it needs exercised to be strong. Old habits, old ways of being that are now hard-wired in your brain will take time to rewire. Its okay, give it time. One small step at a time does change your life. It won't be long and your ground zero consciousness will be your new habitual way of being.

Energetically, when you are in your ground zero, you are in another multiverse from your current ways of being and energy! And what is always, always, at work, whether you like it or not, whether you can see it, feel it, taste it, or not? The Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect. Get out of your head and into your heart on this one and feel the difference between what is your normal mood you go through your days with and shifting, altering, raising your consciousness to your ground zero. Get really, really, present to how this shift in your energy will out-picture... and it has to... with the Laws of Attraction and Cause and Effect conspiring with you!

Commit to being peaceful, centered, and being consciously aware of your language as your cornerstones to causing your transformation: altering, raising your consciousness. This is the domain of miracles. And so it is.



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