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Fate - Fear - Ambition

Jung said it so beautifully years ago, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate". Unconsciously, we go through life believing this is how it is, our life becomes an out picturing of our truth. But the truth is our life is a story comprised of many stories we have told ourselves. And this tapestry called our life is woven together inside of our culture and history.

But mostly what stops us from changing our lives is fear. Humans are only capable of two emotions: fear and love. Inside of the stories we tell ourselves are things like "I could never do that", "they are so lucky", "I'm never lucky", "life is hard", these declarations live primarily in our subconscious until we bring them conscious and now you have a choice. Believe the old story or transform your life to live from your greatness... always with humility.

But what causes one to have a new direction and inspiration (in-spirit)? Ambitions. Creating, designing, living from life, financial, and career ambitions give us direction, purpose, inspiration, focus, and velocity to fulfill those ambitions. And the secret... your ambitions are who you become.

When you tell yourself fear based, belittling, diminishing declarations, they become a self-fulfilling prophecy. And you are describing yourself, a noun, with no action, believing fate will take care of you. When you transcend this and create a future to live into, because you say so, now you are a verb, in action with focus and purpose. You consciously align yourself with the results - your designed and created ambitions - and act to fulfill them.

Now you live with cause, with purpose, with focus, with velocity, and inside of inspiration. Now you are being someone that is the cause to transform their human experience.



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