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Being of Service: Self First

"Be of service", it is said. As you give so shall you receive. Have a "service mindset". Yes, yes, and yes, but one can only give from a cup overflowing. You don't get water from a dry well.

I am reminded of nurses and caretakers. Nursing seems to be a very stressful profession because of pressures of the profession and they are always giving. When, or do they take time to take care of themselves? Caretakers, statistically die 30% of the time before the person being cared for.

Being of service is the behavior you take, easy enough. But the assumption is the person being of service is emotionally and physically able and capable to be of service. That they have the inner fortitude to make requests when they need help. To say no when they need to take care of themselves. And where does this "you" come from to be of service? How can you have and maintain being present to your own inner wisdom in knowing your boundaries of being of service?

Being in tune with your inner wisdom is where your wisdom of knowing why, how, how much, where, what, and when to be of service. You know, and you know that you know but too often we ignore, dismiss, validate and justify, why we aren't taking care of ourselves first. And this is the path to breakdowns: mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is a huge price to pay for not being true to self. If you are not being true to self, you are being inauthentic in your being of service. Now are you giving to get? To look good? Thinking you have to be of service because of a self imposed obligation(s)? Being of service because of guilt, shame, fear... there are a multitude of reasons at the core of being of service at this level. But there is only one true reason to be of service.

Being of service is your inner journey out-picturing. We are all One, of the Oneness, spiritual beings having a human experience, Creators. When you know this, own this, feel this, you become this. It is a journey without end. The journey of higher consciousness. Now you are of service in the most powerful, authentic, humble, and True nature to yourself, way. When you are at-one-with (atonement) this consciousness, Christ consciousness, you are an expression of the Infinite expressing.

Even at this level of consciousness, the physical body has limits. Emotionally, there are limits. But now you have the inner wisdom to manage your being of service. To be authentic in the expression of your being of service. Your inner wisdom directs you to the who, what, when, where, and how to be of service. You simply step into the flow, the consciousness, of being of service. With and in your humility, you show up now and always in your greatness to be of service.

And yet, you know and are guided when to step out of being of service. When to take time to pray, meditate, and/or rest to recharge yourself. Now the cup will empty out some but never run dry as you will know when it is time to go fill your own cup again.

Yet another critical distinction to being of service is you never know when or how more of you will be called on to be of service in your being of service. But if you are operating at this level, the well is dry yet you keep giving, and more of you is needed... this is powerfully the domain of where breakdowns occur. And if you can no longer be of service, now you are experiencing a breakdown and however you where being of service is now without your services... as you simply can't. There is no more you, at least for a while, because you have to rest, recover, and replenish yourself.

Go be of service, for that is one of the highest callings we are capable of. It is an expression of love. But be of service first to yourself.

Be authentic to yourself first.

Be of service to yourself first.

Be giving to yourself first.

Take care of yourself first.

Be honest in your needs first.

Love yourself first.

For one can not give, be of service, more than who they are. For when your cup overflows, the whole world benefits.



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