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OMSC Academy

Welcome to the O.M. Spiritual Centers' (OMSC) Academy.


In a world brimming with noise and distractions, have you ever felt the magnetic pull of a deeper calling? An insatiable hunger to unearth the profound truths that lie dormant within you? To discover not just your purpose but the essence of existence itself? If so, you have arrived at the threshold of a transcendent journey that will lead you to the life of your dreams.


The OMSC Academy is not just an online academy - these are classes that help and support you becoming the architect of your destiny. The classes will help you deepen your self-awareness and self-growth. My sacred mission is to help you uncover the sacred gems that have been passed down through generations, waiting for you to embrace them and weave them into the tapestry of your modern life. It is a journey within, for you to unlock the doors to your true potential. 


Through the classes and courses offered through the OMSC Academy, you will find guidance to transcend the ordinary, overcome any past challenges and current situations to be able to awaken your divine wisdom, your heart wisdom, and create, design and live an extraordinary life. A life beyond imagination. 

Here's why the school stands out:

Interactive Learning: Engage in dynamic, interactive online classes, courses, and coaching that fosters a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a quest for growth and self-discovery.

Flexible Learning: Our courses are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. Learn at your own pace and access course materials from anywhere in the world.

Life-Altering Transformation: People experience significant positive and lasting changes in their lives through the Evolving to Mastery program. Are you ready to embark on your own transformational journey?

As Your Instructor: I have over 20 years of experience in ontology and metaphysics and have dedicated my life to exploring and sharing their profound knowledge. Please visit, for more about me.

Are you ready to step into your true potential and live your life with purpose and in fulfillment? Remember, the key to change lies within you! Sign up now and embark on a journey that will transform your life forever.

Classes are listed below.  I am also underdevelopment with several classes... keep checking in for new classes coming soon!

Where to Start Your Spiritual Journey? Every individual is bestowed with the profound potential for growth, transformation, and fulfillment. The journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening is not bound by age, circumstance, or experience. At the heart of this transformative journey lie profound principles, timeless and universal, that possess the remarkable power to shape our lives, irrespective of our past challenges or current circumstances. It is a journey that beckons to all, irrespective of their religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds, for it transcends dogma and embraces the inherent spirituality of all beings. A spiritual journey knows no boundaries or limitations.

Law of Attraction: At its core, it posits that like attracts like – our thoughts, beliefs, language, and emotions have the magnetic power to draw similar energies and experiences into our lives. We become co-creators of our reality, shaping it through the vibrations we emit into the universe. Transcending the realm of hope, wish, and desires, you tap into the profound interconnectedness of all living beings and the cosmos itself. It invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation that goes beyond the surface desires of material success and delves into the very essence of our existence. Exploring the depths of our inner selves, connecting with higher consciousness, we align our thoughts and actions with our true purpose. It reminds us that we are not isolated individuals but integral parts of a larger, cosmic whole.

Emotions: Emotions, "energy in motion," are the profound and intricate forces that course through our lives, influencing every facet of our existence. They are the raw, unfiltered expressions of our inner worlds, revealing our deepest desires, fears, and truths. While we may not have direct control over when or how emotions arise, we possess the incredible capacity to understand, manage, and harness their transformative power. Our emotions are not solitary entities, detached from the rest of our being. They are intricately interwoven with our physical bodies and the language we use to communicate with ourselves and others. Understanding and knowing how to manage emotions leads to less stress and anxiety, clearer thoughts, and greater peace. 

Clarity of Purpose: There is a transformative power that dwells within each and every one of us. This power, often obscured by the clamor of the external world - the egoic construct - is the essence of our being, the repository of heart wisdom, and it is known as the Observer. To connect with this profound aspect of ourselves is to embark on a path of self-discovery that leads us inexorably toward our life's purpose. It is here, within the sanctuary of the Observer, that we find the clarity and insight needed to decipher the cryptic script of our existence. As we nurture this connection, we begin to intuitively grasp the results we desire in our life. In this sacred union between your Observer and your intended destiny, a remarkable phenomenon occurs. The actions you need to take to fulfill your purpose become clear, as if whispered to you by the cosmos itself. This is not the result of calculation or rational thought alone; it is the culmination of a cosmic dance, where your innermost self - your Soul -and the universe harmonize in perfect accord. 

Be Present: We often find ourselves living on autopilot, rushing from one task to another without truly savoring the moments that make up our lives. Mindfulness is a profound way of approaching life that can have a remarkable impact on our well-being and our ability to shape our destinies. As when we are truly present, this is the only place where our true essence, our true power, is available to us. This transformative power of being present allows us to devote our energy to the fulfillment of our purpose and vision with a level of focus, velocity, and clarity that we might have never thought possible. 

Body - Mind - Soul: A holistic approach to personal growth and transformation emerges as a beacon of wisdom and profound self-discovery. Encompassing the body, mind, and soul is a journey that transcends a traditional, and materialistic, pursuit of success. In gaining a deeper connection and awareness of oneself, you realize lasting change and fulfillment in one's life can only be achieved by nurturing the complete self. As we delve into the powerful benefits of this holistic path, we uncover a profound tapestry of insights and practices that offer not only personal growth but also a harmonious existence in a fast-paced and demanding world. 

O. M. Life Visioning: In today's uncertain world filled with challenges and opportunities, it is easy to lose sight of the true purpose of our lives. Yet, within each one of us is tremendous power - the transformative power of having a life vision. A life vision is like a guiding star that keeps us aligned to our purpose, our deepest aspirations, and providing us with fulfillment. Using a multidisciplinary approach to creating and designing your life vision, this O.M. Strategy will lead you to a place of unparalleled clarity, focus, velocity, direction, inspiration, and achievement. 

These Classes are Underdevelopment and Coming Soon!

Inner Alchemy: In our human experience, there exists a profound wellspring of power - a power that transcends the physical and connects with our inner beingness. Inner wisdom extends beyond the realm of conscious thought. It is a connection to profound wisdom - our heart wisdom - that lights the path towards self-realization and boundless potential. This inner knowing becomes a transformative force that defies conventional limits and propels us towards a life of unparalleled achievement and fulfillment - our personal mastery.  Together, we will unravel the secrets of this extraordinary power and unleash its potential to accomplish anything you dare to dream, forging a future that inspires and calls you.

Integrity: Integrity, defined as being whole and complete, serves as a cornerstone of personal and ethical growth. When we embody integrity, we are not only aligning our thoughts, actions, and values but also taking full responsibility for every facet of our existence. It is one's commitment to being whole and complete in our integrity and taking full responsibility for our lives that ultimately paves the way for us to fulfill purpose and vision on our journey to personal mastery.  

Language: As linguistic beings, we hold the keys to the kingdom of self-creation, as the power of language lies in its transformative potential. It is not bound by the limitations of the physical world but rather serves as a gateway to new possibilities and uncharted territories. We can envision a future and articulate it into existence. Our words have the potential to shape our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and actions. They also have a profound effect on our emotions and body.  The stories we tell ourselves and others become the narratives of our journeys, steering us towards our destinies. Language is the conduit through which imagination takes flight, and is fundamental in fulfilling our purpose, vision, and living a life of mastery.

Resilience and Perseverance: The twin virtues of resilience and perseverance, when coupled with the timeless wisdom of ancient spiritual principles, create a powerful synergy that propels us forward with unwavering focus, direction, clarity, and inspiration. These qualities transform challenges into opportunities and setbacks into stepping stones, forging a resilience that not only withstands the storms of life but thrives within them. Through the marriage of these virtues and the other O.M. Strategies, your journey takes on a new dimension. You find focus amid distractions, certainty inside of an uncertain world, and velocity that carries you forward with purposeful momentum, and a clear direction that keeps you aligned with your life's vision.

Listening: Learn how to listen to others that the act of listening takes on its sacred and transformative power. True listening transcends the superficiality of hearing words; it delves into the resonance of souls. It requires us to set aside our preconceived notions, judgments, and self-centered concerns. In doing so, we create a space within ourselves, a sacred sanctuary where the words, emotions, and energies of others can flow freely. this act of listening is a gateway to connectedness, understanding, and healing. When we truly listen, we acknowledge the inherent worth of the speaker's perspective and experiences. We validate their existence and honor their unique journey. In this process, we not only serve as witnesses to their truth but also as catalysts for their growth and transformation. Our listening becomes a gift of presence, a reflection of the profound interconnectedness that underlies all existence. Understanding the transformative power of listening is the gateway to being of service to others. This deep understanding will allow you to be altruistically selfish. 

Mastery:  In the intricate tapestry of life, where dreams and aspirations interweave with challenges and setbacks, there exists a there exists a path from the realm of ordinary existence to the extraordinary realm of mastery. This is the path upon which individuals fulfill their life's vision and purpose. Our exploration will delve deep into the intricacies of mastery itself. The path of mastery is the path to the fulfillment our life's purpose and vision. 

Reflection: Living in a world constantly working for more and doing “it” faster and better, we become blind to our limiting beliefs and habits. Being able to stop and reflect, beyond a passive act of pondering your past, is a powerful force for transformation. Reflection will deepen the awareness of your life, causing you to unlock your true potential, transcending existing limitations and live into a new future that you create and design - free of past limitations - that calls you.

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