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Spiritual Release Session

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Introduction to Spiritual Release Session
Spiritual Release Sessions are scheduled for 1 hour, +/- 10 minutes. Your investment is $125
In Their Words... 

“Wow! What an incredible session with Jim guiding me through the “Spiritual Release Session.” Jim’s spiritually, intuition, and communication style lead to a meaningful and enlightening experience for me as we explored mental, energetic, and emotional blockages and worked to clear them. I will be joining Jim’s men’s group. Jim has a great life background in both left and right brain in his business life, spiritual life, and in relationships and does a great job in bringing it all together in a powerful and meaningful way.”

John N.

"Gratitude to Jim for his seriousness and dedication to his work. The ease with which he handles the pendulum, and brings information, immediately provides trust and security for mutual delivery. In the space of a week I was able to enjoy two consultations with Jim, which made all the difference in my feeling and well-being. During the first consultation, the deep cleaning carried out caused me some discomfort in the first few hours and interfered with my sleep but the lightness and fluidity of the following days was very noticeable in its benefits. The second consultation made all the difference in my life due to the information given to me. For several years I was resistant to this type of treatment. Now I conclude that it was a great help in following the path leaving various beliefs and emotional baggage behind." Idalina G.

“I was not sure what to expect, but I had an incredible session! Jim is a gentle soul who really helped me to get unstuck. Providing an approach that seemed 'too easy', I felt myself literally and energetically 'lighten up'. Jim intuitively provided the correct energy and words for me to be able to incorporate changes in my thinking and my being. Thanks, Jim. I look forward to spending more quality time together." Shawna

“Jim’s work was spot on. He identified my limiting beliefs and emotional blockages quickly and was able to guide me through clearing them. His work is direct and effective with powerful results. I love the refreshing simplicity of his technique.” Helen T.

“I did a process with Jim called Spiritual Release Session. It was deeply impactful and goes to the “root of the root”. It was relatively quick. Jim was very clear, explained every part of the process and I felt a significant shift at the end. I am very appreciative to have had this session that moved the needle." Vikki S.

“Absolutely I would recommend Jim. We had the best session I've ever had, and unforgettable spiritual experience. He taught me so much, through our spirit guides, and was so knowledgeable with all that was passed on to me. I would highly recommend Jim for an experience you will never forget and take with you to your heart and soul. It's breathtaking and has changed my life forever.” Sandi P. 

“My session with Jim was wonderful. Since our meeting I have been more at peace and aligned. Jim has extensive experience and natural talents that guide him in the practice. He is loving, patient and kind and did most of the work for me in the session. Jim has a deep understanding of energy and how we interact with it, allowing the flow of my energy to direct the session on what needed to be cleared, all of which was no surprise to me as they are areas I know could use some cleansing. I would highly recommend Jim’s services to anyone interested in moving forward in their life.” Misti H.

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