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Your Mood Elevator

Moods and emotions. Human beings. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and in the human experience, our senses give us input and feedback that we, in turn, have emotions in response to and moods we "hang out it".

Humanity, steeped in history and culture, has in countless ways taught us mostly how to deny, suppress, and ignore our emotions. Emotions and moods... humans are created to never not have, be in, an emotion or mood. We always are in a mood. We are always having an emotion. Using the metaphor of a river as an example to differentiate emotions and moods, moods are likened to the undercurrent of a river, always in motion, causing the river to flow. Moods cause what and how we do things in life - on the macro level. They do change but moods play out over a longer time period than emotions. In comparison, emotions can be likened to throwing the pebble in the river. The ripples occur, and dissipate, in the flowing river. You get angry, and hour later, you can't remember what caused your anger - okay, well maybe you do, but your anger is gone. That is how emotions work.

Emotions, e-motion... energy in motion. Being spiritual beings, we are comprised of energy and the energy occurs within different frequencies. Emotions are energy, and yet we largely ignore, suppress, deny, or react in such a way we believe the emotion is controlling us, rather than we have control over our emotions. This key distinction is critical to one's self-empowerment and freedom. A powerful metaphor to use allowing you to manage your emotions and moods is a mood elevator. (I am purposely dancing between moods and emotions, you knowing the difference, you can use as appropriate for you)

Elevators, with the bank of buttons for you to choose which floor you want to go to. Up a few floors or to the penthouse you go. Down to the parking garage, one or more floors underground. With the assumption you are starting at ground level - think being grounded. Now let's change out the purpose of the buttons from floors to emotions.

Remember, emotions are energy in motion and energy occurs in different frequencies. Let's begin at ground level in our mood elevator. Let that represent the mood of acceptance. Acceptance is one of the most powerful emotions we have. It is neutral, choice point, and gives us access to the higher floors, the higher vibe emotions.

The down elevator buttons are the down emotions and moods; shame, guilt, desire, fear, grief, evil, frightened, despair, resignation, resentment, indifference, anger, and pride to name a few. When you find yourself having a down button pushed, you now know you have choices. First, don't react in the lower level consciousness domain, like never! Instead, like clouds passing in the sky, observe the emotion, deeply feel the emotion, and most importantly look for the lesson(s) it is wanting to teach you. Journaling when you are really upset would be an excellent exercise to "get it out" and be able to observe the lesson(s) present for you. Then... allow... allow... and allow the down mood to run its course, if you rush it, you suppress, deny, or ignore it. And when you feel you are ready, hit the acceptance button. Take yourself up - take control - to ground level: acceptance.

From acceptance, now you can choose, not from a place of reacting but rather from self empowerment, a higher emotion to put yourself in. If you a really angry and choose to pretend to go to a higher emotion, you are really angry pretending not to be. The universe knows and your world will play out in anger. You simply can not skip ground (being grounded) level, acceptance, to choose differently from.

Penthouse please. Any "up" button is a good choice. Reason, wisdom, joy, peace, understanding, happiness, calm, and love are the up, higher consciousness buttons. And any and every time you can take yourself to the penthouse, that is like hitting the lottery. Except it isn't by chance, you are very purposely doing it. The penthouse is the mood of ambition. Ambition in you knowing, owning, being purposely aligned with your three major ambitions in life: life, financial, and professional (or change them up to suite your life). Now you cause life to happen. You now chose the frequency of the energy to come from, to live your life from. Now you are a verb instead of noun as a human being, creating, made in the image and likeness of God. You are a Creator of your life, of your future, and living into a future you create, free of your past.

We are given free will. Where will you direct your mood elevator to take you to. And remember, just like getting in an elevator to then push the button to go to another floor, you have to allow another mood button to be pushed and allow yourself to go to another mood. Will you allow the outside world, people, events, circumstances, to push one of your down buttons? Obviously it will happen. But now you know about your mood elevator. Now you know how to navigate your world of emotions and moods.

Down mood buttons are also you in contraction, tight, and withdrawn. You simply are not open, subsequently, you can not create, a life based in the up moods. Closed, contracted, not open, versus, - up elevator - open, curious, wonderous, it becomes obvious in how life will show up based on the "floor" of mood you chose to be on.

Consciously choosing to be in and maintain a higher mood is an advanced skill. Running a marathon is an advanced physical skill. Both take consciously determining the practice is worth the result.

The view from the penthouse if fantastic.


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