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You Don't Manage Emotions!

"Manage your emotions", they say. "Control your emotions", others say. Both are simple recommendations for failure. Your failing to handle or control your emotions, and then you expect to be peaceful, calm, understanding, filled with joy? Awe, nope. Can't and won't happen because underneath your energy is "fighting" in the emotional domain. Most likely, as this is what we have been taught for almost 400 years, you suppress your emotion. Or another version of this is to think about it. Either way, you sweep it under the rug and think you won't have to deal with it. This may work for a while but the root of disease is dis-ease. Suppressed emotions - suppressed long enough, and/or repeatedly, and they will manifest in the physical.

E-motions. That which puts us in motion. Energy in motion. But in this context don't confuse motion with action. Action is what you do. To move means to guide or direct. You can be moved without taking action. And know emotions are predispositions to action. To then be moved by an emotion is, again, a predisposition to acting on the emotion but this doesn't mean you have to act. Knowing this simple truth, like building muscle, it takes time to develop, is at the level of "keys to your kingdom"! Having this awareness allows you to stop reacting to an emotion and now you have the foundation of responding. Choice.

And your path to responding to an emotion is immersing yourself in the emotion. The limbic system, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for emotions, learns through immersion. It means allowing yourself to experience - fully - your emotions. Because you are unlearning a lifetime pattern, trying to control or manage your emotions, be gentle on yourself in learning this new practice. The new practice of immersion into the domain of emotions begins with awareness. Awareness of your emotion and motion. What motion is coming up? What can the emotion teach you? And then practice going into a higher consciousness emotion. Going from fear to anger is actually raising your "vibe" of emotional being. Going from condemning to inspiring is a big raise in your emotional consciousness.

Immersion, choosing a higher consciousness emotion to go into, looking for the meaning or lesson in the initial emotion, and practicing this, is how you build both your understanding of emotions as well as your emotional domain in life. It is in the practice, is how you build your emotional muscles for higher consciousness emotions and let go or transcend the low energy emotions.

Learning, practicing, and embodying your learning of your emotional domain will cause you to transform your human experience.


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