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When Your NO Means YES

Law of Attraction gives us a fascinating paradox. Sometimes, saying "no" can be the same as saying "yes." This is all about our energy and consciousness. Here is ground zero for our intentions. The multiverse, through the Law of Attraction, doesn't distinguish between what we do and don't want—it only recognizes our energy and frequency. Think of the Law of Attraction as what you put out comes back to you or like attracts unto itself. So, when you say no, you don't want "that" - whatever that is - in your life, you're attracting more of what you say you don't want. Let' look at how your no can become a yes.

Law of Attraction with its attributes
Understanding the Law of Attraction

When you declare you don't want something - and this applies to all areas of our lives, without exception - you are giving that which you say you don't want your power, and attention. You are in the same energy, in the same vibe as that which you say you don't want. You may think you are avoiding something when in actuality you are calling it to you.

For instance, if you constantly think, "I don’t want to be broke," your attention is fixed on the concept of being broke. Your energy is that of being broke. The multiverse doesn't interpret the "don't" part; it zeroes in on the energy around the idea of being broke. Consequently, you attract more financial struggles.

The secret in this equation is to acknowledge what you don't want, and to not get stuck in that energy. If you can determine what it is that you don't want with discernment instead of loaded with emotions, this is the first step in transforming what you say you don't want and transform your don't want's to results commitments (what results in your life are you committed to vs. hopes, dreams, wishes, and focusing on what you don't have).

And allow me to amp this up. When your emotions, language, and your body are in harmony with your results commitments, you can move mountains! You get into the zone as athletes call it, or the flow, and actions seem effortless, and you alter time.

Where you begin is with your language. I AM are perhaps the two most powerful words you can speak. And These words manifest your future. In fact, science has proven a few ways to alter your DNA, to recode your very essence, to change your belief systems, and rewire your neurocircuitry. And all of these ways are based in our use of language! Our bodies are 70% water, language holds a vibration, a frequency. Check out Dr. Emoto's work on water if you haven't seen it already as visual proof of what sound can do. Or deep dive into the science of Cymatics.

Now you're ready to use energy, frequency, intentions to transform your life! Instead of complaining about how broke you are, restate it to "I AM Prosperous in all areas of my life," as an example. Again, this works in all areas of your life, spiritual, personal development, health and well-being, finances, professional or retirement, and relationships. All areas.

Discovering what you want, committing to having "it", is now the transformational point in your life. Focusing on your results commitments, attracts to you what you are committed to. Law of Attraction, just like gravity is always working and you don't have to know about it, like it or understand it, but we are always at its effects.

If you are focused on what you don't have, you are asking the multiverse to give you move lack or not having. If you are focused on what you are committed to, the multiverse conspires to support you in fulfilling your desires.

The power of choice!

The Law of Attraction is always at work, responding to the energy we emit. By understanding that "no" can indeed be a "yes" in the eyes of the multiverse, we can take control of our focus and direct it towards our true desires. Remember, what you focus on expands. So, choose to focus on what you are committed to, and align your energy with the positive benefits and outcomes of your commitments. In doing so, you become a powerful co-creator of your reality, manifesting a life filled with your deepest desires. This is how you turn your dreams into realities, and your challenges and struggles become history.


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