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What the Hell Do I Do?!

What the hell do I do?! The countless times this is a reaction to something showing up in your life. And our culture is steeped in action, doing. Do more, do something different, try this, try that, must be a way, This pervasive way of thinking leads to stress, breakdowns, frustrations, resignation, a host of emotions that contract our creative self. That limit us. But you keep thinking to yourself, "there as to be a way!" You are stuck on the carousel of actions and what to do. With the belief, and you live in your belief as an absolute truth, that the more, better, faster you can do something you shall have "it". Whatever the it is that your chasing. And yes, that will be the day, the day you have it, you shall be able to relax, to arrive, to just be. What a dream to have you ponder to yourself, to just be.

You can only see, perceive, at your current level of consciousness. Levels of consciousness also contain their own "world view", how you see, perceive, and act in the world. How things show up, how you react to things, how you interact with things, with others. And this also gives the actions you take, or don't take in life. Consciousness in the core, the very essence of who you are.

A powerful metaphor of consciousness we can all relate to. Think of a radio. We have all listened to a radio. Today with satellite radios we can choose between hundreds of options of music or programs to tune into. And each station has its own frequency. It broadcast in this frequency. Consciousness is like radio stations. There are an infinite number of levels of consciousness... think lower to higher levels of consciousness.

Just like listening to music on a radio station, you don't tune into a Country Western station and expect to hear Mozart playing. Consciousness can be likened to tuning into radio stations - different frequencies, different levels of consciousness, give different perceptions of life.

If your stuck in what the hell do I do, reacting, in frustration, contracted in your emotional and physical bodies and your language continues to support your frustration, you are most definitely tuned into this frequency of consciousness. So what the hell do you do to change this. To stop trying to figure it out? To stop trying different actions to produce different results all the while you are in the "vibe" of this lower level of consciousness. Stop it!

Stop trying to do something and just stop and breathe! Center yourself. Change your body position, go for a walk. Take a break. Feel the heaviness of the emotions that are present in "what the hell do I do mode" and as you stop, breathe, go for a walk, chill, feel your emotional body shift. The first shift I would invite you into, the first space is a space of acceptance. Accepting "it" whatever is the perceived cause that started all this to just be as it is: accept it. Acceptance doesn't mean agreement!

Acceptance means accepting what is so. This gives space. This gives an opening to a whole new universe of possibilities. And the first possibility that often opens up is a space of being peaceful. Feel... get out of you head(!)... feel your bodies, physical and emotional bodies shift into peace and acceptance. Feel them open up, relax, and just allow yourself time to be in this space. Be in this higher consciousness. Be in this openness.

Now you are ready to revisit "what the hell do I do", if it still exists. Altering, raising your consciousness, gives a new view, a new perception, on life. So maybe the issue is simply gone - you transcended it! If the issue is still there you are seeing it through new eyes. Eyes, and in a perception of being open, flexible, bringing wonder to the issue at hand. It is in this level of consciousness, awareness, that new possibilities, possibilities that were nowhere to be seen only moments ago, unveil themselves.

In this "new", higher consciousness, "higher vibe" that you in, you are now poised to step into looking at what actions to take. You have shifted the game. And this new game is giving you a new way of looking at things. It is responding into a situation. Taking action by responding and not reacting. This, again, gives a whole new world of possible actions to take.

Let me take it full circle. What the hell do I do?!, was about trying to reach a result, an outcome that eluded you. Stepping back, altering, raising your consciousness gave you a new perspective to view the situation at hand from. A responding into the situation and new actions to take unveiling themselves. This completely and totally alters your path to obtaining the results, the outcome you sought.

So "what the hell do I do?!" is become extremely selfish about your awareness of who you are in any and all situations. Are you reacting, restricted, frustrated, operating or functioning out of fear? Or are you open, consciously aware of raising your vibe to higher levels of consciousness and responding to life, or more accurately responding into a life you create.

The views from the summit are the best. The views too from higher levels of consciousness are also the best.


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