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What is O.M. Life Coaching?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

What is O.M. Life Coaching?

Often, we think of coaching as a something you want to do because you want some aspect of or something you are doing in your life to be better. Sports is always a great example. You want to perform in your sport better, you want to win more, so you hire a coach to increase your performance. There are many types of performance coaches and coaching: marketing, social media, weight loss, leadership, team building, career, systemic, business... you get the idea.

Before I dive deeper into coaching, let’s look at what it is not. Coaching is not therapy nor consulting. Therapy is a medical model, a therapist is licensed, and an expert in their field. Nor is coaching consulting. Consultants are also an expert in a field and are utilized to give advice and resolve issues.

O.M. Life Coaching (OMLC). What is it? Allow me to explain by defining the varies parts that go into making up OMLC. Life Coaching. My knowing is that the results you get in life, the actions you take in life, how your life is showing up for you, in all areas of your life, are a direct reflection - out-picturing - of you, as a person, as your life. Your thoughts, beliefs, history, culture, in short, the meaning you have made out of every event, every occurrence, in your life gives who you are right now. Not right nor wrong, this is how life occurs and as human beings, we are meaning making machines... it is what we are wired to do.

From who you have created yourself to be, who you are, without exception, gives the actions you take in life. And subsequently, the results or lack of results you are experiencing in life are in direct correlation to the actions you take. We are human beings, not human doings. OMLC therefore, focuses on you, who you are, your beingness. As you shift your perspective, alter your beliefs, challenge your assumptions, whole new worlds unveil themselves. Possibilities show up as viable actions to take when a moment ago, you couldn’t even see the possibility. This is the domain of transformative learning, ah-ha moments. This is why our coaching is Life Coaching and not performance coaching. Alter your life, alter who you are, transform who you are, transcend limiting issues of the past and the “new” you, the you with new perspectives shows up in your life. And this “new” you now has access to different ways of being that cause different actions to be taken and subsequently different results in life that, again, only but a moment ago, where inconceivable.

The O.M. aspect of OMLC. OM is the Oneness of all creation and the Source of all manifest existence. The O.M. Spiritual Center, in what it stands for, honors the energy of OM in all that is does. The O.M. Spiritual Center is the creation of the union of the sciences of Ontology, “O”, and Metaphysics, “M”, becoming the foundation and cornerstones of O.M. Life Coaching. Ontology and Metaphysics are both branches of philosophy, combined, they give the context of our coaching.

Ontology is the science of being. We are human beings, not human doings. For the last several hundred years, the world has focused and given almost exclusive validity to the domains of science and technology. If you can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist or isn’t important. Our education is largely from the neck up and to the left (logic). The world rewards results, processes, scaling, return on investment, and materialism. It is not about making this model wrong. It is what it is and has given us some great things in our modern world. Rather, it is bringing the awareness to the lack of holistic (holy) living we are experiencing in the world today. Missing is the validity of our soul. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, intuition, values, thinking, perspectives, our body, interpretations, how you listen, culture, history, and beliefs. Said differently, your inner world. Our focus has become our outer world. We, as a global society, are steeped in this paradigm, so much so, many people can’t see their life or the world differently. Yet, the current world paradigm we are living in has and is causing levels of addictions, escapisms, suicide, depression, frustration, resignation, resentment, and anxiety, at levels we have never, in human history, witnessed before. Ontology focuses on your inner world, who you are being. Combined with transformational learning, think “ah-ha” moments, ontology transforms and transcends issues within yourself that have you stuck, feeling uncertain, anxious, fearful, feeling like “I’m not worth it”. Simply stated, it deals with transforming or transcending issues in your life.

Metaphysics is our second foundation and cornerstone of OMLC. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. In the ancient world, we lived in this knowing. Atlantis and Egypt being a couple pinnacle examples. Metaphysics is the spiritual aspect of life. It is not religion. If fact religion and spirituality are two distinct and separate domains. Religion seeks followers, dogma, and a blind faith in what that religion teaches. Spirituality is a journey within. A highly personal journey within to connect to the divine as you and within you. To know you are divine, whole (holy), perfect, a Creator, complete, and infinite. To then own, anchor, this knowing... known as heart centered, as a way to live. This now becomes the way to show up in your life... to be. You now are the creator of your life. Life shows up be-cause you say so. By incorporating spiritual principles in our life coaching, it becomes the absolute foundation to “build” your beingness on.

OMLC is a creative and holistic approach to Life Coaching. It is the commitment to work from the “inside out” with one’s self in the knowing that you show up in life in direct correlation to your level of consciousness. Further augmenting our holistic approach is our inclusive aspect of working in the three domains of Language, Emotions, and Somatics. This approach causes learning, and being able to anchor the learning, at a soul level.

Following is the high-level stand we commit to through OMLC and the promises we offer.

  • Spiritual Foundation: Based on Metaphysical principles a spiritual foundation is the foundation on which the organization is built. And coupled with ontology, gives the context of our teachings and coaching.

  • Ontologically based: A branch of philosophy, it is the science of being. Coupled with Metaphysics, one of our cornerstones throughout our organization.

  • Collaboration: OMLC is a partnership of equals exploring infinite possibilities to cause a difference in the coachee’s life

  • A stand for something to be different: OMLC exists as a stand for something different to occur in the coachees life. To alter their consciousness in a way to cause transformative change in their life.

  • Consciousness: As human beings, we are consciousness expressing. And it expresses at different levels, frequencies. OMLC is a stand for the raising in consciousness in all human beings.

  • Generative: Utilizing generative language to create and bring forth new possibilities in one’s life.

  • Empowering: OMLC is a stand for the self-empowerment of the divine, infinite, whole, complete, Creative self you are to fully express

  • Freedom: For all people to live in and experience freedom.

  • Self-Expression: To be a clearing for one to find and express their full self-expression as it matters to them.

  • Creating and Holding a Space for Transformation and Transcendence to Occur: this moves beyond change. Transformation and transcendence work in the domains of energy and frequency, combined with transformational learning, OMLC creates a space, an opening for this to occur.

  • Guiding a Generative Conversation: During the coaching process, coachees are guided in generative conversations to create their life.

  • Guiding the Coachee to a New Future, That Today, Doesn’t Exist: To intentionally break the default future you are living into and consciously create a new, declared future for yourself that you created from infinite possibilities.

  • Integrity: Not as a moral issue but rather as a function of honoring your word, a function of your performance in taking the actions you say you are committed to. Additionally, inside of the knowing that you are responsible for your own integrity.

  • Fun: To never forget to have fun along the journey of life.


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