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Want to Get Out of Debt? Forgive

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Debt. You owe somebody some cash. In today's world it is very easy to accumulate debt and only when you wake up in the middle of the forest do you realize your in trouble. Or having a substantial amount of credit card debt and trying to pay it down, pay it off, and it just never seems to go away? I realize debt has almost become a necessity for many people and managed wisely it can serve you well. Having a home mortgage, for example, may be a smart financial move. However, I am speaking primarily about the misuse, excessive type of debt. Let's begin by looking at debt as energy.

As we know, every-"thing" exists in the spiritual until it is manifest in the physical. Debt is no exception, it has its own energy, its own vibe. And debt and forgiveness are linked. If you believe someone owes you something, you are in the energy of owing. Whether you think someone owes you an apology or there is something there for you to forgive, the energy, created is owing. Someone, in your belief, owes you. Debt is owing! It is the other side of the same coin but still the same energy! Like attracts unto itself. Any wonder why those credit cards never get paid off?

Let's take more of a holistic look at this. Where does not forgiving show up in the body? And what emotion is a primary emotion connected to forgiveness? Grief is the primary emotion connected to the body and it expresses itself in the lungs. If you are in the emotion of grief, you are shut down, contracted, not taking in life, not feeling worthy of living fully in your life. Lungs are life. Without air there is no life.

There is a crisis is the world today with not dealing with emotions. Emotions don't fit into processes, replication, and scaling (the more, better, and faster model)... the modern day cornerstones of the material world. So we are not taught to be, not control, not manage, not suppress, no ignore, rather, be with our emotions. They hold a wealth of knowledge. And there is never not a time when we are not without an emotion. But, back to debt and forgiveness.

Forgiveness. What is forgiveness? How do you forgive? Why should you forgive? First, forgiveness is not condoning. Nor is forgiveness forgetting. I personally love and have experienced tremendous shifts in my consciousness by owning the definition A Course in Miracles gives., "forgiveness is forgiving the other person for what they did not do to you". And your saying "but that happened!" or "they really said / did that!". I am going to invite you to raise your consciousness. There is no other, we are one. And for anything to happen, you have to be in alignment, energetically, for it to happen. Take responsibility for what happened, forgive if applicable, always look for the lesson, and let it go.

A second component is the vast majority of the time something happens and immediately you make it mean something, you create a story around it. But are you sure your story, your story you are living, is based exclusively on facts. Could it be assumptions where make? Do you know the story the other person has? Do you know the context the other person came from? My point here is too often something happens and there is need for forgiveness and the what happened part is based on stories and assumptions that are treated as facts when indeed they are not.

I have to own keeping this blog relatively short is difficult for me as this is a very rich and largely untapped domain by humanity. So... let me start wrapping this up.

Taking responsibility for yourself, in a holistic way: language, body, and emotion. To meditate on taking in life. Meditate on what does a full, rich, authentic life look like to you? What lessons are there? What can you choose to give up? If you are experiencing sadness, grief, or depression, the meditation I just shared is for both your body and emotional well-being. And in the language domain. Who do you need to forgive and I would invite you to journal, write letters, make phone calls, talk to that person. If that person is no longer in this domain, write them a letter and send it to them energetically... feel this happening.

In closing the person we need to most often forgive the most is our self. Be kind to self. Journal, write, meditate, take a bath, a gong bath, a walk on beach or in the forest, however you define being kind to yourself... and don't limit it to one way. Meditation is the cornerstone. In meditations, connect with your High-Self and from that energy, have a conversation with your egoic, small self, and forgive, forgive, forgive.

As you forgive you transcend the energy of owing. Transcending owing, you put yourself in a different energy relating to money, debt, and being in debt.

To your peace and prosperity.



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