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The Peacefulness of Acceptance... Not Approving

Acceptance. Easily said. You think it may be easy to accept something, someone, until they say or do something and then BAM, the ego kicks in and you react. Reaction comes in may forms but all forms of reaction is the emotion of fear expressing: anger, frustration, resentment, revenge, etc.

Why is is to hard to accept something, or someone? First, let me define acceptance. Acceptance is not approval. You do NOT condone a behavior or something that was done. Neither do you forget a wrong doing. Acceptance, is accepting what is so, and what is not so, period, end of conversation. Does that mean you can't change it? Does that mean you shouldn't want something to be different? Does that mean you can't do something different? Absolutely not. But let's look at some critical distinctions.

If you fight to not accept something it owns you. What you resist, persists. If you push back in trying to change something, fighting for it to be different, it will never work because you are energetically in alignment with what you say you don't want. How can it change when energetically, you are in alignment with "it", whatever it is. You are giving your power to what you say you don't want! But you think "I'll do something different", I'll change this or that", "I'll show you...". There are countless ways to try different actions to create what you don't accept to be different... and none of them will ever have lasting results. Again, because you are energetically in alignment with what you are pushing back on. Think about the U.S. government declaring a war on drugs several years ago. Today, we are in a crisis of drug abuse, both legal and prescription drugs. The minute they declared a "war on drugs" it was over, the issue owned them. Let me take this one deeper for better understanding.

Our world is designed, for the last several hundred years, for us to do something, whatever actions we take, in order to predict and control the outcome, the results we wanted to get. If I do "x", I'll get "y". This allows you to feel safe, secure, minimize risk, and manage change, stay in your comfort zone. So non-acceptance is a control issue. You feel the need to control the outcome. Or it "should" be like that because whatever "that" is fits inside of your definition of what you think (thinking is a function of the brain, logic, and ego) it should be that fits inside of what you can predict and control. But really, non-acceptance is a beautiful thing as it shows you what you don't like about yourself.

Think of the button that got pushed because of your non-acceptance is a reflection of what you don't accept within yourself. The multiverse put that person, that circumstance, that event, in your life to show you what you have to heal. What an opportunity! And I am not saying it is easy. It may be but here is a secret. If you don't heal it today, the multiverse will "turn it up" and that issue that pushes your button isn't going away. It is going to get louder and more frequent until you either heal the issue or it manifests itself in your body as a dis-ease.

The way out is to go within. Acceptance of yourself is an inside, infinite, journey. It is a path up the mountain (higher consciousness) with no summit. By consciously raising your consciousness, being centered, being mindful, you transcend issues of your past. Acceptance is an emotion that opens the gates to peacefulness. Begs the questions, "what is more important than your being at peace?" Whatever you don't accept and allow your buttons to be pushed is what you are telling yourself is more important than you being at peace.

Acceptance leads to peace. Peace resides in infinite possibilities. Being and maintaining your peace is self respect, is honoring your dignity. Is honoring your self-worth and self-empowerment. Now you are in a place of calm and peace (peace beyond understanding) and now you respond into life. You then create your life be-cause (because of who you are being, you are the cause) you say so. You now attract circumstances, people, events, that are in alignment with your peaceful, centered, calm, self-respecting, created self... your God-Self. This is the consciousness of "being in the flow" of life, all of life. It is also in higher consciousness that what you previously didn't accept, one of two things will happen.

First, new awareness's open up to the issue that you didn't accept. You have altered, raised, your consciousness and new actions will present themselves that previously you couldn't see. This is responding into a situation versus reacting to it. You are no longer in alignment with what you say you don't want and trying to change something. Rather, you are seeing the issue with a new perspective and responding into it to cause change. A complete contextual shift to any issue.

The second thing that, in my experience, is more prevalent, is the issue that pushed your button, that you didn't accept, vanishes, just disappears. Gone. Yep, seriously, it no longer pushes your button, you easily accept it, if it is even in your awareness. Why, you ask? Because you are no longer in energetic alignment to it. If you have ever listened to the radio, the same radio plays both heavy metal and classical music. You don't hear the classical music when you are tuned into the heavy metal station. Conversely, you don't hear the heavy metal music when you are tuned into the classical music. They are broadcast in different frequencies. It works exactly the same way when you raise your consciousness. Most often the issue at hand just simply disappears. You no longer vibe at the same frequency the issue you don't accept is at.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience... whole, perfect, infinite, Creators. Commit to meditating in a heart-centered (true wisdom) space to connect with your God-Self. Listen to the still small voice. Own your peace, calm, and joy. Once you totally accept yourself, the rest of the world, life, all of life, will be but a reflection of that which you are: peace, calm, an infinite spirit experiencing being human.




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