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The Kaleidoscope of Life

Awe, the beauty of a kaleidoscope. And as you turn the lense or the table, however it adjusts to create a new "picture" in the kaleidoscope, the beauty and diversity of what you can create is almost endless.

Perhaps you have never given this thought or for that matter, this may exists in what you don't know you don't know. We, as human beings, exist like a kaleidoscope as it relates to three domains in life: body, emotions, and language. These three domains are interconnected. Change one and it affects the other two. Don't like the emotion you are feeling, as an example, move the body and the emotion will follow. Feel tired and stressed? Your language will reflect how you feel. Go for a walk in nature and see how your emotion, body, and language shift.

Just like a kaleidoscope, a little turn of the lense and a completely different picture comes into view, a little shift of any one of the three domains will shift the other two. Self talk is critical. Observe your inner voice, your inner conversation to yourself, and see how you are telling yourself your tired, stressed, frustrated, anxious, how your body will reflect the emotion your talking about. And even deeper, where in your body are you sensing the emotion?

Emotions, you can't think your way out of them or through them. You have to experience them... feel them. And in the richness of feeling them, you can feel where in your body that emotion is residing. Be with your emotion and watch it dissipate. Look for the lesson in the emotion and then bless it and let it go.

Sadness, for an example will show you what you care about. Anger is your belief in an injustice you feel is happening to you. In your body, if you're sitting slumped over, do you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? And listen, really listen to yourself and others speak. The habitual, unconscious language we use is extremely revealing of how a person is feeling.

With awareness comes your power to accept. Acceptance is a neutral emotion. So once you own accepting how an issue or circumstance is showing up, now you have the awareness to raise your consciousness and respond into a situation by raising / shifting your body, emotions, and language.

With awareness you can now use your body, emotions, and language to create your life centered, peaceful and filled with beauty. Use these three domains like you would seeing how many beautiful pictures you can create in a kaleidoscope.



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