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The Faster I Go... Breaking Patterns That Limit You

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Our world is designed to go, go, and go, the faster you can go, the more you can get done. So says popular opinion. But humanity is in a crisis in any and every domain you want to look at. The old paradigms are breaking down. The new paradigms are emerging. We are living in a time of unprecedented change, stress, uncertainty, and the possibility for almost every human emotional button to be hit. And this is the first time in history, humanity has a level of consciousness to be able to create their sustainable future to live into a new world they created. To create a new future not solely based on humanities past.

But the revolution of new needs to come from a revolution from within.

And to access this Self-empowerment, and Self-awareness, requires us to act differently than we know ourselves today. And the first step in this transformational change is to STOP!

Stop running like we are going to a fire. Stop thinking the more I can do the more I will have. Stop "burning the candle at both ends". Begs the question then of "if I stop, then what do I do?" Nothing! No-thing, for a few moments. And the first step to take, after you actually sit, stop, breathe, for a while to bring calm and peace into your environment, is to reflect. Pick an issue, any issue, that is at hand. Reflect on this issue - whether there is a struggle, concern, a care that is not being fulfilled, and reflect on what is going on. Why are things showing up the way they are? Who are the key players (people) involved in the issue? What past beliefs - stories - are you holding as truths? And you're not done.

Continue in the reflection, which brings awareness, new understandings, and acceptance. But continuing in the "stop" zone, continue to just be in this space. Your inner wisdom, your soul, always knows. Allow yourself to be in this do-nothing space until you are tapped into your inner wisdom. Breath or meditate yourself to this space. This is the space, the consciousness of wisdom. This is where your infinite, divine guidance lies. This is the consciousness in which you will find and tap into wisdom that will transform your human experience. Namaste.


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