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Stop Seeking!

Stop seeking to get what you want! Seeking doesn't work as it goes against two Laws of the Universe: Cause and Effect and Law of Attraction. And it causes stress, breakdowns, frustration, anxiety, worry, resentment, fear, shutting down... and just a host of negative vibes. Stop seeking applies to any thing you have in mind: better / different relationship(s), profession, job, more money, new car, better health, becoming enlightened, moving to a new home, moving to a new country, being spiritual... the list is almost infinite!

Have you ever noticed, perhaps yourself, a person seeking with the mantra that "someday I know this is going to happen", and you meet up with them 20 years later and... their still seeking?! Their still struggling financially, the perfect partner hasn't been found, their still smoking and/or grossly overweight? And quite often they have taken several classes along their journey on their quest of seeking. Take the diet / workout industry. It is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. January of every year these magazines run basically the same feature articles. It is what sells, not what works. Again, the seeking list is almost infinite and trust you get my point. Please note, this is not a judgment but rather bringing the issue of seeking to your conscious awareness.

So why doesn't seeking work? Seeking is a function of doing. Do more. Do something differently, do "it" with someone else, more people, less people, new software, new shoes, new pills, different dating service, new, different... and this list too is as almost infinite, equal to the list of things people seek.

So you seek and do. This totally acknowledges lack. Lack of what you say you want. And lack has its own energy, its own vibe. So allow me to go down this rabbit hole with the example of wanting (synonymous with seeking) to get in better physical shape. You want, you're seeking, you are acknowledging you don't have, your in lack. You want, you don't have. That creates a very specific energy and you are in it... you created it. Like attracts unto itself: Law of Attraction. Couple this with the Law of Cause and Effect. Your the cause: you called in and are in the energy of lack/wanting. The effect is to give you more of what you say you don't want: lack/wanting. Again, lack and wanting have their own energy! So if I say I want to get into better physical shape, I am acknowledging that I don't have the physical shape currently I want my body to be in. Its ok to start here, (awareness) "I don't have the physical body I want", so stay with me here... as this is different from seeking!

Law of Attraction: like attracts unto itself. You created the domain of seeking to get in shape. This gives your in lack consciousness of not having what you want. So you are in... this is so critical to get!!!... the energy of lack. And yet, you are expecting to be a triathlete in one year. It is impossible for this to happen. The energy of lack, "I'm not in good shape, "I want this to be different", and the energy of a triathlete (using and extreme example here) are in different universes! Can you feel the difference?

Stop reading and take a breath in the space of not being in the top physical shape you want to be. Feel your body. Noticing sensations inside of this awareness. Feel the emotion(s) that come up and are associated with NOT being in your top physical shape.


Now breathe in the space of being in your top physical shape (imagine it to the level of owning it)... whatever this is for you, yoga, a runner, weight lifting, etc. Pick your domain. Breathe into it. Feel your body and body sensations inside of this awareness. Feel your emotion(s) that come into your awareness of being in your top physical shape.

Notice you start by not doing anything. Your focus is on your beingness! You have the awareness of what you don't want. Great. You brought what you don't want into your conscious awareness. This is where you start. Now you focus everything you have on being what you declare into existence. We are human beings, not human doings. Everything, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g begins as energy and then expresses in the physical. Everything then begins in your beingness, the energy of your beingness. No exceptions, ever, period.

Some examples:

Be healthy and vibrant - not out of shape

Be physically fit - not "I have to loose weight"

Being loving, caring, and understanding - not I want a relationship

Being spiritual - not pretending ignorance

Invision the perfect job or profession and be in the energy of that job or profession - not "I hate my job"

Be the kind, understanding, patient, parent with the challenging child - not short, threatening, and rude

Be prosperous, exude that energy, not "I want more money"

Be, own, the energy of that which you say you want! And let the Law of Attraction take care of the rest.

Now, and only now, do you turn your attention on what to do. As you have shifted your perception of what you were seeking to being, having already accomplished, that which you desire through declaring it into existence and energetically being in alignment with it. This opens up a new universe of possibilities for you to take actions on.

And the results you get? You're already standing in the result you said you wanted when you declared it into existence and became that... you're only walking into a new future for yourself that a couple minutes ago you couldn't even see for yourself.

Stop seeking... Be.



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