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Moving Beyond Transformation

A spiritual journey is a journey of a lifetime. There is no summit to reach but there are summits to reach and once you reach a summit, you realize there is yet another summit awaiting you. Summit is a metaphor for higher consciousness. The journey to higher consciousness is all but infinite. And paradoxically, there is no place to get to. Rather, the journey is but an endless unfoldment, back to where you came from. And on one's journey, many people speak of the transformation they had, they experienced, what they did or going to do.

This is not a judgement call, rather bringing forth an awareness. Having an experience, doing something, feeling something is often associated with spiritual growth and awakening. But transformation is not an end unto itself. There is more, so much more. Transformation is an action. Transformation is doing. This begs the question "for the sake of what are you taking these actions?" And the answer is for an outcome. Being in action to raise our consciousness is beyond seeking, dreaming, hoping or wishing for something different. It is your commitment to yourself for your life to be different. Different as in living from higher states of consciousness. Living in higher states of consciousness, you transform your life and you will also transcend circumstances, situations, and people in your life.

Understanding transformation is about the action taken, how do you move beyond transformation? Declaration to self. A declaration is generative language - language that generates instead of describes. Declaring what you want for an outcome, a result. What would, in your current understanding and perception, living in a higher state of consciousness give to you? Feel like? How would your life show up differently? I invite you to journal to bring clarity to what this would look like for yourself and your life. After bringing clarity to our intended outcome, write it out in the form of a declaration. "I declare... x,y & z" for my life. You declare it into existence. You just declared a new, higher consciousness future into existence, that but a moment ago didn't exist. But to anchor it, make it real, and actualize it, a couple more things need to happen.

One, own your declaration. Say it to the point you memorize it. Make a vision board of it. Create it in your environment. This causes you to take different actions, see things differently, have different intentions and discourses. It shapes your mood. And it really is at cause level of you no longer existing as a noun but rather as a verb. You now are in action and alignment with the result you declare into existence. Said differently, you become your result, and you may experience many transformations on this journey, before your result materializes.

And finally, for the icing on the cake. End your declaration with the prayer, "in gratitude, this or better". For we can only see at the level of our consciousness. As you raise your consciousness, new awareness will open to you. Your perception will change. And you can always - and this is highly encouraged - come back from time to time, review and edit your declaration.

If you have questions or want personalized coaching on creating your declaration and moving beyond transformation, please reach out to me.


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