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Life Feeling Like You're in a Pinball Game?

Remember the Pinball game? You pull the spring loaded rod back and let it go and the ball would shoot up and into the board. All the bells and lights would go off, the points would rack up as the ball hit one bumper after another... or so you hoped for. And if the ball got close to one of the flippers, you would send it back up the board to collect more points.

Think for a moment of this game from the ball's perspective. SMACK on the backside and your sent sailing up the channel, around the corner and dropped into this place where when you touch something you get smacked into another direction. God forbid if you get stuck going back and forth between a couple of the bumpers in there! And just about the time you think the ride might be over, as you're coasting along, one of the flippers smacks you along your side and sends you back into getting bounced around once again.

Can you see the correlation between the ball and your life? Always reacting. When you think you are coasting and all is well, you get hit with something sending you in a different direction than you had planned. When the ball gets "stuck" for a second or two rapidly going back and forth between a couple bumpers racking up points. How many times does life seem like it is hitting you from all sides... relentlessly (but your not getting points for this!).

  • This is stressful

  • There is no "down-time" or space to rest

  • Your always reacting

  • You live from a place of being anxious

  • You live like you don't know what is going to happen next

  • It is impossible to be centered and peaceful

Until you don't live this way any longer.

This begs the question, "how can my life be different?" Change begins with awareness. The awareness that you want your life to be different. I'm not saying you should know what you want to be different or how your life is going to be different, just the awareness that you want your life to be different.

With awareness, next step is acceptance. Acceptance doesn't mean condoning, doesn't mean agreement, it means accepting things as they are and as they are not. Acceptance is a neutral emotion. Therefore, it is the emotion, or gateway, to change!

Einstein gave us the next step. To paraphrase, you can't solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that brought you the problem. Let me say it in my words, "You have to change (raise) your energy, your vibration, your consciousness, to then cause change".

I can hear you asking, "How do you do this?" There are many answers. The question is what feels (get out of your head!) best for you now? Meditate, listen to chants (one of my current favorites), listen to uplifting music, journal, go for a walk in nature, breathing exercises, yoga, move your body, to name but a few. Whatever it takes to bring you being peaceful, calm, and centered. Only then, only when you can shift into your peaceful, calm, centered self can you now stop reacting, stop your life showing up like it is a pinball and instead create yourself to respond to life. Respond to all of life from your true, authentic self.

This is the place we are designed to life from. This is the place of magic. Problems or issues come up? Yes. But you respond to them versus reacting to them. But most of today's problems, stress, upsets, frustrations, you transcend. Raising your consciousness, you no longer are in vibrational alignment with the breakdowns of yesterday.

Ready to take this on in your life? Contact me to discuss O.M. Life Coaching for yourself and transform your human experience.



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