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Know Thyself

We identify ourselves by and with many things, our name, family, careers, titles, education degrees, where you live, where you're from, to name but a few. But these are nouns. You see yourself as a noun. You use these names and titles to identify yourself. This is valuable and useful in many ways for us to get through and navigate life and do certain things. But there is more to us than to be identified with or as something, to be labeled. And the beginning of a new level of awareness that is transformational to your life, as well as fundamental, is to open yourself to be a verb.

As a human being we are always being and becoming. When you begin opening yourself to this awareness, you open yourself to a new world of possibilities. And you begin your journey into new possibilities as a verb with creating, defining, and owning, your ambitions. This is fundamental in everything you do. This does two things simultaneously. First it causes your beingness to alter. Ambitions cause your moods, your language, your distinctions, your interpretations, and your commitments. Did I say fundamental!? Secondly, having ambitions in life puts you in touch, and committed to, the outcomes you want for yourself in your life. Without ambitions, you drift in life, reacting to people or circumstances coming at you. Now, as a verb, define the results - the outcomes - you want in and for your life. And be creative, as the list of results is wide and varied. Possible results would include career, health, relationship(s), money, prosperity, a certain big project, a culture at home or at work, to name but a few. Also, your ambitions are applicable to personal and business... so create ambitions in both domains. Just make sure they are in harmony. Having ambitions in your life is, again, fundamental, and at cause level of the actions you take and don't take. The people you associate with or don't. And herein lies knowing thyself. It is a dance that takes practice and commitment. As a verb, you are always evolving so you can edit your ambitions at any time and as often as you like. Don't get hung up on getting it right or perfect in the beginning. In fact, until the day you transition out of the physical, you should be editing your ambitions. Knowing thyself is consciously creating who you are. Allow me to summarize a couple key points. By becoming aware of yourself as a verb, you create ambitions to fulfill the results you say you want in your life. Only now, who you are and what you want in life are in sync. You created them to exist in the same frequency. The Law of Attraction, by default, will work to support you to fulfill your desired outcomes. Now, and only now, do you look at, consider, the actions you are going to take or the actions you are going to stop taking, as a verb, to fulfill what you want in life. Now you have the power and awareness to transform your human experience.


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