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Journey Past the Pain of Emptiness.

Goals, dreams, hopes, and desires. Too often they are squelched by life. People in their 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond having an epiphany that their life is not working. Their life is not fulfilling, satisfying, and they feel empty. This feeling, initially, is often covered up in any one of countless ways - think of the hundreds of addictions people have invented as ways not to deal with the emptiness within themselves they are experiencing.

Asking yourself what are you running to and what are you running away from with your addiction starts opening the gates of awareness. But even before this occurs, humanity has been so conditioned to do: do more, do it better, oh, can you do it faster too? More, better, and faster, and we are taught there is a reward awaiting us at some magical, thou shall never get there, future. But it won't be for lack of trying - doing - that I will fail! Except the truth behind this facade is taking actions to get that job, that house, that car, that money, those toys, that (fill in the blank) is a hollow journey through life. It is a journey given by one's egoic mind to build and sustain the importance of the little "i", egoic, self.

Most of humanity finds their self worth and value in one of two domains: who and what they associate with and their accomplishments. This isn't a value, or right or wrong statement, rather a statement to bring awareness to where one is finding their values and purpose in life. What outer world things, people, situations, accomplishments, etc., are you identifying with - attached to - to feel good? To build, design, and maintain your self-concept, self-value, self-identity, self-worth, and egoic self? Awareness, awareness, awareness... keep looking without attachment, without judgment. Bring the unconscious conscious.

Looking to one's outer world to cause change will only give more of what you have: Law of Attraction never fails and is always at work. Instead, creating an inner revolution of one's consciousness transcends change and causes transformation in one's life. Simply stated, change is playing with the same toys in the same sandbox to create a new castle. Transformation is new toys in a new sandbox and is experiential... you don't plan for it.

Raising one's consciousness is stopping to reflect, so be in the silence, to allow your Essence, your divine Self, I AM Self, the Observer, space to communicate with you. This is the "space" of allowing what wants to happen be known. It is getting in touch with what have you been suppressing, resisting, denying for years. Decades? What Truth in you wants to express? What uniqueness in you wants to express? What is your Soul's calling, desire?

Connecting to your I AM Self is being "plugging into" your divine wisdom. This is the place of cause in and for you life. This is the place of peace, joy, understanding, real purpose, and love to express in countless ways and in your unique way. Your I AM is your Essence: unchanging, non-attached, observer, divine, infinite, creator, True Self. When you connect with your Essence you simply know and you know that you know. This is the transcendent and transformational domain of your life.

Becoming consciously aware of and connected to your I AM Observer Self, ask it "what wants to happen?" We all intentionally came into this incarnation with purpose, unique gifts, and to be of service. What is it that you have been denying, suppressing, or ignoring that now is the perfect time to honor, become, and to express in the world?

Your divine wisdom (heart wisdom) knows and is always available to you. One just has to step off the hamster wheel of doing and instead become. Once you honor this aspect of Self, the whole of the multiverse will align to support you, as you will have become in alignment - energetically - with the Truth of your purpose. Now the results you desire and who you are, energetically, are in the same frequency and the actions you need to take will come naturally to you. More accurately stated, the actions you need to take to accomplish what you desire will unveil themselves because they too reside in the same energy as who you are being, becoming, and your desired results.

Herein resides the magic of manifesting a life that, today, may only exist as a dream. But by consciously becoming aware of what you have unconsciously been denying, you will transform your emptiness into a cup overflowing.


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Unknown member
25. Jan. 2023

So well written and expressed Jim! May your cup overflow :-) Thank you

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