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Grounded to this and NO-THING can disturb you

Life and its many ups and downs. Too often we get stuck in the habitual pain of the event, circumstance, or relationship and find the pain more normal - or at least we are willing to endure it - than facing the uncertainty of change. The change that only leads to your greatness.

We make up - story - what change may entail, the challenges, failures or uncertainties you would have to face if you embarked on changing your life... transforming your life. Note, all transformation is change, not all change is transformation. And when we embark on transforming our lives, it usually gets worse before it gets better. Yet the getting worse is perfect, because this is the path of transformation. What has been ignored, covered up, denied for years, decades, even lifetimes, is now coming to the surface to be healed. And in all healing are lessons. Yet, this is exactly where on the path most people quit. They think their transformational journey isn't working because there is pain, discomfort, and walking into the unknown. It doesn't have to be this way!

Think of yourself for minute as a butterfly. The wings of the butterfly are beautiful. The wings, connect to the body of the butterfly. If we can use the butterfly as a metaphor, think of the wings as all aspects of your life. The issues of your life exist on the wings; your body, wealth, profession, relationships... add any and all areas/concerns on your butterfly wings. But connected to the wings is the body of the butterfly... the essence of who you are.

The essence of who you are is unchanging, infinite, spiritual being, having a human experience.. the body of the butterfly. "Out there" on your wings, in your life, are your concerns and challenges... also known as your life. Knowing that no matter what happens, what never changes, what is never affected, what remains the same, what is whole (holy), infinite, your true and only essence, is the body of the butterfly, a metaphor for your soul, higher self.

Grounded... owning... this knowing and now no matter what happens in your life, NO-THING can disturb you. In your essence, your true self, you become the observer of your life. This is where you create your life from. This is where you cause your life to happen. This is where you respond into your life and never again react to life. This is where, in humility, you show up in your greatness.

Now with the metaphor of the butterfly, instead of thinking the challenges, concerns, issues, and struggles are normal and insurmountable, or you are too afraid to transform and transcend them, think of the metamorphous they butterfly goes through... while keeping their essence.

Become the greatness of who you are for on the other side of all fear is love.


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