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F - P, R, S, Get Off The Hamster Wheel!

In many cultures, I am assuming you don't need an explanation on the abbreviation of the "F" word found in the title of this post. And I am sure any uncertainty you may have I will soon eliminate.

Henry David Thoreau famously stated in Walden that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." Beginning several hundred years ago, the hamster wheels of the corporation were invented. This was the beginning of P - R - S: Processes, Replication, and Scaling. Also known as better, faster, and more. And unknowingly at the time, the beginning of people living lives of quite desperation. I'm reminded of Upton Sinclair's classic book, "The Jungle", depicting the conditions of Chicago stockyards. Human beings were, and still are, rewarded for their capacity to do. Do better. Do it faster. Do more. And if you can do it better, faster, and more of it, someday, if you're lucky, you can relax, chill, you will have arrived. You can now just be. What a dream come true that would be, if you could just be.

What a lie we have been fed. What unconsciousable atrocities have been committed in the reasoning of P - R - S. And how many people exist, lead lives of quiet desperation, because the system owns them? Being owned by the system has as many definitions as humans in the system. But the common thread of everyone trapped in the system is trapped on the carousel of P - R - S doing and believing there is no other way. Rather, P - R - S is the way.

We, human beings, are not designed to function like this, especially at the level P - R - S has become today. And no, this is not a judgment call. It is a call to awareness. Awareness in being human and living from and in a holistic manner in how we live life. This awareness begs two questions. First question, "what is missing?" Second question, "when is enough enough?"

What is missing is a holistic approach to life. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are spiritual: divine, infinite, a Creator, everyone and everything is an aspect of God expressing. You, me, us, are all part of the Oneness expressing. We are beings: the nature or essence of a person. We have a soul. We have dreams. We have intuition and from the heart, the ability to tap into infinite wisdom. We experience emotions, e-motion (energy in motion). The P - R - S ignores this domain of life! By definition, the P - R - S model is not holistic. Rather, quite the opposite, ignoring the true essence of who we are.

Inside of this knowing, is there any wonder why the world has never experienced more dis-ease (dis-ease, not at ease) than what we are experiencing today? Is there any wonder why plants, forests, animals, insects, oceans, our mother Earth, humans, are sick, becoming extinct, and dying? We are now over one year into the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID is a respiratory issue, world-wide. Respiratory is air, breathing, taking in life. Gaia is sick, not being able to breathe because of what the human species has and is doing to our environment. And humans too are getting sick because we are not taking in life, again, air.

When is enough enough? When is a nation's GDP enough? When is the race, the fight to be number one, enough? When is enough money, enough home(s), enough... fill in the blank... enough? We have become so empty on the inside, we are racing to "get" on the outside to cover the voids in our inner self. To get more. And that more isn't enough, well it was enough, but that was yesterday. I need more today, tomorrow, this month, this year.

The system is broken and we are in a crisis. Why are more people saying "F this hamster wheel of more Processes, Replication, and Scaling"? Or more likely the conversation is "F this, I am out of here!" More and more people are waking up to this awareness. And awareness is the first step on the path. But where do you go next?

Within. you go within. The first step in awareness is to take the infinite journey within. To find your true self. Get in touch with your true self. Follow your dreams. Listen to the "small still voice". Listen to your intuition, your hunches, your gut. Honor your history, your culture, your values. And especially open up to your heart wisdom. Our brain is designed to be a servant to the wisdom of our heart. We are not designed to let or allow the egoic mind be the one in control. This is beyond thinking. Heart wisdom is being open to the wisdom and guidance of the multiverse, to God, to your God-self.

From your inner sanctuary, you step into a whole, (holy, holistic) life. You create your life because you declare it into being. You now create a new future for yourself that calls you. Now you step back into the outer world by responding into it instead of being a slave to it.

What's possible? The heart wisdom is the gateway to infinite possibilities. All you have to do is get out of your way and listen... and then take your first step. Your first step into your new future that is calling you into it.

Blessings on your new journey.



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