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Do You Have a Practice of Non-Doing?

Doing... OMG, can't you just do more? If you do more, you'll have more, right? How about doing it fast? Better? Quicker? If you can figure out how to do it, won't you have "it", whatever the it is your chasing, and then, only then, you can just be. Chill. You will have arrived.

Our crisis, one of several we are facing today, is the belief that doing is the answer to all prayers. Doing is action. Action gives results. More, better, bigger, results require more doing, Right?! If this is true, why is there more suicides, depression, additions, unhappiness, divorces, resignation, and the feeling of unworthiness than ever in human history? We live in abundance the world has never seen. There is obviously a disconnect. And a disconnect that has reached the level of crisis in many ways.

Perhaps we have forgotten the practice of non-doing. Okay, it is still doing something, but not the doing defined by the "modern world" of producing more, better ROI, climbing the corporate latter. The practice of non-doing is the practice taking care of self. It is down time, out of your profession, not chasing professional goals. It is about being in harmony in life, your life, with life.

The practice of non doing, being in harmony with yourself, can be expressed and experienced in about as many ways as there are humans to express. Is it a massage, a bath, a walk in the forest, on the beach? A long beautiful dinner with your spouse or loved one? A phone call to a friend? A nap? Meditation, or a prayer? Playing a musical instrument, or taking up painting? Taking up a hobby? The list is all but endless.

It is about a return to harmony in your life. About your beingness. Being with your inner self. Taking time to reflect on your life. Listen to your intuition, your values. Emotions carry powerful messages. Become present to your emotions... they are talking to you!

Do you find yourself in a mood of resignation, resentment, despair, or sadness? What are these moods trying to tell you? Your body* is always speaking to you. "Catch" cold frequently? It is more about the feeling of overwhelm and mental confusion than a "bug". Heart issues may be more about squeezing the joy out of the heart in favor of money or position. Stomach issues, dread, fear of the new. Inability to assimilate the new.

Listen to yourself talk. The mantra's of "I wish", "I should have", "if only". Or how many times have you or have you heard someone say "when "x" happens, then I'll...", whatever "x" is.

Your body, moods and emotions and your language are all talking to you, all the time. Take some non doing time to listen. To be in wonder. To be in the not knowing or trying to control or predict... to just be. Be with yourself and discover the magic of yourself in this space.

Take some non doing time to find your peace of mind. To find what gives you joy, peace, and happiness in life.

We are human beings, not human doings. We are in a crisis because we have forgotten our true nature. Take time to be. Create time for non doing and let your magic unfold.

To your peace, joy, and harmony.


*You Can Heal Your Life. Louise L. Hay


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