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Do or Do Not - There is no Try

Trying to live from, be in touch with, our immanent selves to be centered, grounded, peaceful, as a way of living is just that, trying. As Yoda said many moons ago, “Do or do not. There is no try”. Which is a simple lesson in commitment and the power of giving something our all. Missing though is who is committing and giving their all to accomplish what you say you want. Virtually every time we set out to accomplish something, to seek something, to desire something to be different in our lives, we ask ourselves “how do I do this?” or “what do I need to do?” Both questions, the context of trying to obtain your results is in the domain of actions – what actions do you need to take in order to accomplish your result?

We are not human doings. Yet, this formula is that of a machine, doing. Rather, we are human beings. Setting out to accomplish something – in this case a way of being is the result you want. First, ask yourself, "who is committing to the result?" If you're looking at trying to be your immanent Self expressing in the world, expressing as your True Self in the world, and looking for actions to take to accomplish this, try as you may, you embarked on a path that isn't capable of giving you what you want.

Einstein said, in one of my favorite quotes, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Coming from lack, seeking, hoping, trying, wishing, to be our immanent selves will only give you more of what you say you don't want. Begs the question, "if I am not to seek, try, hope, etc., to find, be, express, my immanent self, how do I do this?" Stop. Life is like a radio. If I tune into a rock-n-roll station playing hits from the 60's and 70's, that is what I expect to hear when I tune into that station. Conversely, if I tune into a station that plays new age music, again, that is what I expect to hear when I tune into that station. Life is energy and frequency expressing.

Being, expressing, living from, as, your immanent self, higher self, (don't get hung up on the words... it's about frequency) is you tuning into that frequency. That energy. And you do that by being in alignment with that energy. By slowing down - in today's fast-paced, fast-changing and very uncertain world. You "unplug" from the outer world and go to, connect with, your inner world. Mediation and prayer are the pathways to your inner world. "Be still and know that I Am...". hear the "still small voice". This is the space, the energy, frequency, you move past knowing and tap into divine wisdom. This is "peace beyond understanding".

Now in the knowing of to be in touch, live from, your immanent self, you have to be your immanent self - this gives you clarity to what you want and who you are being to accomplish this - now you ask "how do I do this?" or "what do I do?" I just shared that meditation and prayer are the pathways to your immanent self. But there are two more elements needed for your accomplishment of what you want; discipline and being a disciple. Chances are you can't walk out your front door and run a marathon. If you can, you have been disciplined to the training it takes to accomplish running a marathon and a disciple (student) to all it takes, training, eating, best shoes to wear, to cross that finish line over 26 miles in front of you. If you can't, you have a lot of training and learning in front of you.

To be, to maintain being, your immanent self in our world today takes being disciplined. Discipline is derived from the Latin word discere "to learn". Being disciplined as a disciple. Disciple comes from the Latin word meaning student. Being disciplined to have the practice of mediation and/or prayer as a student learning to obtain and be their immanent self. In our world, that means it is also going to take time.

Being a disciplined disciple of meditation and prayer and you are on the path of transforming your human experience. Namaste.


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