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Choosing the Right TYPE of Coach for YOU Matters!

Coaches... there are only three types of coaches, no matter how you cut, slice, and dice the options, offers, and promises made in the coaching world. Often adding to the confusion of how and who to choose as a coach that is best suited to you, is inside of each type of coaching, coaches bring their personalized style, niche, methodology, system, strategy, or analysis. No wonder it can daunting to try and figure out not only the right niche, etc., of coach but also the right type of coach to fit your needs, to address your concerns, to deal with what matters to you.

First, let's look at the domain of coaching. All types of coaching partner with you to facilitate your desired result. Coaching is not in the medical domain. Nor is coaching in the consulting domain. Although between coaching and consulting there can be an overlap in the way they operate. Consulting is working with a consultant who has expertise in an area and they are recommending and telling you what to do. In contrast, coaching seeks to have you find your own answers. The overlap can occur when the coach steps into a teaching moment to help you fill that space of what you don't know you don't know. But ultimately it is up to you to find your own answers. This is the major distinction between consulting and coaching.

The results you want are largely based upon the TYPE of coach you choose to work with. Again, there are only three types of coaches to choose from: Performance/Transactional, Developmental, and Ontological/Transformational. Let's look at each one and what makes them unique

Performance / Transactional. This by far, the most popular type of coaching done. Think of your sports coach, music coach, or any coach that is results driven and action oriented. They approach coaching from an external approach, grow my business, increase my performance... all action - results driven. The critical distinctions to this approach are that it remains on the surface of human existence and assumptions are make that one's existing way of being is sufficient to generate the desired results and outcomes.

Developmental Coaching. This type of coaching works primarily on one's beliefs and values - there becomes a willingness to alter one's beliefs if it serves the process of goal attainment. Often it focuses on reframing issues as well. But the mindset of "think and do differently" is still present and heavily relied upon. Think different assessments (tests) you take to determine your personality type. That is this type of coaching.

Both Performance / Transactional and Developmental Coaching are based on a fundamental belief of what do I have to do in order to get what I want... and then I can just be (Actions - Results - Being). That one's fundamental way of being is sufficient to accomplish the outcomes desired.

Ontological / Transformational Coaching. This type of coaching is focused on being different. Change and transformation are not the same. All transformation is change but not all change is transformation. Ontological / transformational coaching focuses on your beliefs, interpretations, moods, ambitions, distinctions, somatics, and commitments. This is a path of becoming, with no finish line to cross, and it causes you to live from and in higher and higher levels of awareness - consciousness. This is the type, domain, of coaching the O.M. Spiritual Center offers.

The result of ontological / transformational coaching is that it causes people to find their inspiration, to have new focus, velocity, direction, and commitment to outcomes. Additionally, people now cause the actions they need to take... or stop taking... to fulfill the results / outcomes they want in their life. Your beingness becomes the doing for you to obtain the results and outcomes you want in life. In essence, you become a verb instead of a noun and your beingness becomes/is in alignment with the results you want. Create your future free of your past, as an infinite, divine, spirit having a human experience, and live into your future, the future, you create, while maintaining being forever present.

Ontological / Transformational coaching's fundamental premise is who am I being in order to take the actions I need to get the results and outcomes I want. (Being - Actions - Results)

The O.M. Spiritual Center offers ontological / transformational coaching and our niche in this type of coaching is incorporating fundamental metaphysical principles with ontology, the union of ontology and metaphysics. We spell it out in our name - "O"ntological "M"etaphysical Spiritual Center.

I invite you to connect with me to have a discovery call to explore possibilities and opportunities to transform your human experience.


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