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Breaking Free of Yesterday to Freedom

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Awe... life. I want it to be better, different, exciting, I want things to change. The struggles and challenges seemingly just continue and I can't break out of them. Today seems to be a repeat of yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. People may feel trapped by their past, unable to break free from negative experiences that continue to affect their present, and in turn they have put their past into their future and are living into a future given by their past ( you may want to read this sentence again!). Humanity is steeped in tradition, culture, and history with the majority of people accepting what they are taught, without question.

Our past in and of itself is not a bad thing. I like knowing not to put my hands in a hot stove, or stop for a red light when I am driving. There are plenty of good things about having a memory and keeping yourself safe. We can also use our past experience as a source of strength and wisdom to make for a better present and future. But it is when our past unconsciously shows up in our future and continues to limit, challenge, or sabotage us then "Houston, we have a problem."

So how do you break the chains of yesterday that are holding you back? Everything begins with awareness. Becoming aware of where to look - in your past - begins your transformational journey to your freedom. Asking yourself questions such as "why is it that way?., "what is this for?", "does this serve my highest good"?, or "so what?" (one of my favorites). In asking so what, my context for this question is getting present as to does it move me further toward fulfilling my ambitions, goals, whatever I am up to? If it does great. If it doesn't serve me, with discernment, say no and move on.

Bringing issues from your unconscious to your conscious awareness opens up the space of choice for you. Instead of acting from a habitual space, you now are deliberate in your actions. And actions always precede results.

And an even more masterful level of transforming your life, go into a meditation and bring yourself to a state of allowing and acceptance regarding all of your life. All of it, exactly as it is and exactly as it is not. In this beautifully peaceful and creative space, ask your soul what your purpose is? What are you attracted to? What at your soul level calls you? Be still and listen. This is the space of no-thing and infinite possibilities. This is the space that you create your future from, free of your past, free of tradition, history, and culture. Oh, you can bring them back in, if it serves you, but you are no longer being controlled by them.

Finally, when you create from infinite possibilities a future that calls you, a future that you create, design, and live into, e-v-e-r-t-h-i-n-g in your environment today does not support you! Now it is time to create your environment to support your future. That calls you into it. Is it getting rid of furniture? Moving? To a new home or a new country? Rearranging your office? Creating a vision board(s)? Adding color to your life? Getting a haircut or growing a ponytail? Ending or starting a relationship or not being in a relationship? There are no limits here. Be the fulfillment of your future self NOW, as the present is the only reality there is. And in this space, tap into your divine wisdom, which wholly (holy) transcends your attachment to your associations and attachment with people and things and your accomplishments life to date.



Live into.

Your new future that calls you minute by minute in your life.

Be the expression of the unique greatness that you are.



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