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Being a Slave to Your Circumstances

In our fast paced, ever changing, do more, and faster life, we are constantly seeing, hearing, and experiencing things and are moved, react, by what we see, hear, and experience. Constantly. Constantly adjusting to what is coming at us, what we think we want to do, what we need to do, what we should do. And we call this domain circumstances. Too often "I'm a victim of my circumstances" becomes one's mantra.

This is a dance between what we like and dislike, about avoiding the pain of loss and the satisfaction of having. It is the ego that is habitually running the show, reacting to events and people while finding agreement to events and people for its own satisfaction, fulfillment, and survival. And the focus is "what can I do", "what should I do", the domain of actions. Do, do, do and it is exhausting. But a deeper look and this can be likened to a carousel where you keep changing the seat you are on but you expect by changing seats you somehow end up on a different ride. Said differently, do more, different processes, replication, or scaling to drive better, bigger, results is feeding the ego that has an insatiable appetite. It is your world, it is filled with the circumstances you have created, and you unconsciously have become the slave to your circumstances.

It begs the question of how do you break the chains of slavery to one's circumstances? How do you stop being a slave to one's ego and the egoic mind? How do you stop the addiction to the circumstances present in your life that are not serving you?

Begin by transcending judgment (a function of the ego!). What is so is so. It is perfect just as it is, just as it isn't right now. Getting present to how powerful you are by taking responsibility for everything, everyone, in your life, you created it and them in your life. Then to begin to not be a slave to your circumstances is by accepting your life exacting like it is, where you are, in all aspects of you life. Acceptance does not mean agreement! Acceptance means accepting things exactly as they are, exactly like they aren't. This is such a critical point that it can't be stressed enough: acceptance. Acceptance is the gateway to peace.

Here is why acceptance is so critical. Pick a issue in the domain of your circumstances you wish to be different, anything. For the sake of simplicity and example, I am going to call the issue "X". If you say you don't like "X" in your life, that's the cause of a big circumstance in your life, this is what occurs. Energetically you are pushing back to something you say you don't like, don't want. This causes you to be in alignment energetically with that which you say you don't want! The circumstance of "X" will never change because you are aligned to it. The saying "what you resist persists" is true, it is the Law of Attraction at work. You have given all your power to what you say you don't want... and expect your life to show up differently?!

So how do you break the chains of circumstances in your life? Acceptance, as I said. Next step on the journey is to get out of your head. Trying to think your way out of the circumstance is also doing more of the same, expecting different results. Begin by becoming heart centered. The wisdom of the heart knows. Stop, breathe, relax, focus on your breath, relaxing, meditating, centering.

Feel the shift in your body as you become centered. Feel your emotions shift into peace, calm, relaxed. Open your chest and breathe. Open your heart chakra and breathe. When you quite the mind and open the heart, the door to infinite possibilities opens far and wide. This space transcends confusion and attachment. This space transcends judgment. In this space knowing occurs. Listen for the still small voice. When we are sharply focused, there is nothing that we cannot realize, the Buddha taught.

It is in this space, this consciousness, that you transcend circumstances, you also transcend the ego. It is in this present moment that actions rise that but a moment ago was vailed by the egoic mind and the circumstances of your life. This state of mind gives a clear perception and decision making capacity. This is the threshold to your new future.

What is your inner wisdom, your God-Self, telling you, showing you? What actions are you called to do, give up doing, or alter? In your environment, how can you anchor your new found perception, wisdom, and actions you are called to take? Circumstances of the past are now in your past. You are in a much higher vibration energetically, transcending your voice of smallness, your past circumstances, your ego. It is from this new summit, you create your life. Now new circumstances will unveil themselves because you are energetically in alignment with these new circumstances. Instead of being a slave to your egoic circumstances you will create circumstances that nurture, support, and encourage you on your new found path your soul has laid before you.

May you find beauty, peace, joy, and fun on your new journey



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