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A Spiritual Journey, Where to Begin?

Where to start a spiritual journey. You begin a spiritual journey exactly where you are and exactly where you are not. Said differently, a spiritual journey begins now, in the present. There is no place to get to. There is no course to complete, guru to study, age to obtain, book to read... nothing, NO - THING to get, have, or do, to begin your spiritual journey.

Most, virtually all of us, don't have the experience of the Buddha and obtain enlightenment while sitting under the Bodhi tree. So let's explore the turf between nothing to do, have or get and enlightenment under a Bodhi tree.

First, spirituality is not religion. Religion is dogma, believing in what someone else says, does, or tells you to do. Spirituality is an infinite journey within. Highly individual, unique, experiential, and happens outside of time. And is brought into time.

Here is the biggest lesson I had to learn, on my own, and what everyone needs to know. It is okay to study with others or read the wisdom written by great writers. It is ok to do this to obtain perhaps a sense of direction, a level of knowing. It may lead to a knowing of what you don't want. All true paths of spirituality lead to the same place: God and your connection to your God-Self. The minute someone says (and this was one of my big lessons) this is the way or this is the truth or anything that takes your power away, that denies your inward journey to your own enlightenment, RUN the other directions, no exceptions.

Spirituality is being heart centered. Living in the now. Being at peace. Being in the energy of peace beyond understanding. Being love, extending love to all living things. Knowing we are all One, expressing in billions of different ways. Experiencing chills "form head to toe" is communication with the divine. Spirituality is a context, an energy to come from, it is a state of beingness. We are made in the image and likeness of God: Infinite, Whole, and a Creator. So Creating your life from your wholeness (holiness), knowing you are an infinite being having a human experience is an expression of spirituality. This is the Christ consciousness in Christianity. Enlightenment in the Buddha tradition. Transpersonal to a non-religious person. Please don't get hung up in the words... it is energy, all energy. Higher and higher levels of energy that you experience and express.

Meditation and prayer are the vehicles of communication (communion) with God, with your God-Self, connecting you to wisdom that is beyond knowledge. Meditation and prayer put you in touch with, in communication / communion with, the "still small voice".

And know there is not a place to get to. The spiritual journey is like climbing a mountain with no summit, this is an infinite journey. An infinite journey within only to arrive and realize you never left.

To the unfoldment of your spiritual journey.



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