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A Happy Life: When Your Goals Aren't Primary in Your Life

The only way to "make it" is to set goals. Goal setting. SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound. Every year you should plan your goals by the year, quarter, month, day, week, hour, blah, blah, blah. Do it, set your goals, write them out, and just do it. You make your goal and you celebrate. You miss your goal and there is an element of being a looser. Trying to stretch enough to make your goal while not setting a goal that is too easy is the goal. This can be daunting, overwhelming, in and of itself and really, why go through this in the first place? Why live for the accomplishment of your goals? As an example, you set 10 goals and you exceed every goal. Then what? And why? Why is it important for you to accomplish your goal?

Goal setting can be likened to playing a sport and standing in the middle of a basketball court, for example, and watching the scoreboard. Not playing the game but rather just standing on the court and watching the scoreboard. Isn't the goal to win and the highest number of points scored wins? So why wouldn't you just focus on the scoreboard? After all, that is the goal. Life doesn't work that way. Setting goals is a function of action. "What are you going to do?". Action (aka goal): more action, less action, different action, leverage my action, duplicate my actions, scale my actions, can I raise my goals, bigger goals? This is a carousel of doing / actions. With the goal of obtaining the results you say you want.

But so what? What is your why? Why are you setting these goals? What in your life is fulfilled in the accomplishment of you goal? When is enough enough? And most importantly who is the person setting the goals? Who are you to be setting the goals you are setting? Perhaps a little self assessment fits in here. The what and the why. What do you value? What is important to you? What are your dreams? What do you treasure? Why? Why is the accomplishment of that goal or those goals so important to you? What calls you? If you can imagine being at a crossroads.

Go to the left and you can script what lies ahead on that path... more of the same of what you have been doing, same people, places, events, daily habits. Wake up, drink coffee, go to work, come home, have dinner, go to bed. Wake up tomorrow, repeat. It is the unconscious, habitual, way of being that is running your life.

Conversely, turn right at your crossroad and ahead is a new future that calls you to it. It is a new future that you declare into being. Your new future that you consciously create because (be-cause, because of your state of consciousness you cause it to happen) you have designed it, you are inspired by it, and it fulfills you.

We are spiritual beings having human experiences. Look within to honor self. To be in touch, feel, who you are. To be in touch with your emotions (e-motion, energy in motion) and honor what they are telling you. Being spiritual, everything happens at the non-physical level and then manifests into the physical. So know thy self. What is your soul calling to you? What are your deepest dreams and desires? What values, morals, beliefs, is in your cultural background have you hidden, denied, that is wanting to express? In the stillness, what does your inspiration tell you? What is the still small voice telling you? Listen. All wisdom comes from within. All wisdom.

When you are in touch with your soul, your essence, your inspiration, and follow that knowing, now, and only now, do you consider looking at goals. It may be such that you have a knowing that you are in alignment with what you want and you transcend conventional goal setting. You now know that you are in vibrational alignment to your goals and you allow them to unfold on your journey. At this level you have the knowing the Law of Attraction will conspire with you to manifest that which you have declared into existence. You may want to set goals now as milestones and reminders of the path you have put before yourself but goals now become secondary to who you are. Said differently, goals are no longer primary in your life.

Goals now take a back seat because you, a Creator, have created your future being the cause in doing so. Now your focus is to create your environment to support what you have put in motion to create. And the options to creating your environment are about infinite. The question is what and how can you create your environment that supports and reflects the fulfillment of what you have committed to create? A vision board is a good example but again, let your creativity go to work for you here!

Honor your wisdom and be the cause in creating your life. Create yourself to be in energetic alignment to that which you say you want and let the Multiverse conspire to help you. This is the domain of miracles.



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