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The O.M. Life Coaching, coaches from the union of the philosophies of Ontology and Metaphysics. We are human beings, not human doings. Yet our world - humanity - focuses on doing, with no awareness to their immanent self, which is timeless, unchanging, and always now.


The year was 1637. Descartes, "I think, therefore I am". No other phrase more clearly encapsulates the fall of civilization and the full scale identification to the egoic self. The small self. The shadow self. Plato's Cave is an excellent metaphor of this. 


This fundamental error of almost all humans today, as "human doers", is the equating of fundamental being with thinking. A "neck up and to the left" philosophy (left-brain). When our brain was designed to be a servant to the heart! And how well has and is this philosophy working? Great, in many ways. All the technological wonders of the world can be attributed to this domain. Yet, it has and is failing us on an unprecedented scale.


Our world is in more crisis than ever before in history. Global warming, wars, famine, inequity of wealth, and disease. When you deny and ignore the inner world, our outer world is but a reflection of our inner selves; consciousness.    

There should be no surprises as to why there is so much dis-ease in the world. As what is missing is honoring our "inner world": thoughts, feelings, emotions, intuition, beliefs, spirituality, consciousness, values, culture, distinctions, interpretations, intentions, ambitions, and our history.


O.M. Life Coaching focuses on you and coaching from a holistic perspective. For you to find harmony between your inner and outer worlds. To focus on owning your presence, being centered, and in your power... then you become an Ambassador of Possibilities for your life! This is potentially beyond your biggest and wildest dreams of today. As one can only dream as big as their current level of consciousness allows.


Alter your perceptions, your way of being, your consciousness, and you immediately change the you that is showing up in your life. You instantly align to new outcomes for your life. Outcomes, results, accomplishments, that today, you can't even see.  

The place to begin is exactly where you are... and exactly where you are not. If you have questions or would like to know more, please feel free to reach out to me.

Blessings on your journey.



Jim Hostler 

CEO, Founder, O.M. Life Coach

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