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Just for Men 55+
Living with Dignity Through Major Life Events

Being 55+ years young, fair to say you have experienced a fair amount of things in your life. Different relationships, whether one spouse or more, or losing a spouse, friends for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and family, whatever that is for you. The wisdom of decades of a profession or professions, hobbies and interests. And in contrast to the feeling of immortality one often exuded in their teen's and twenties, the issue of our mortality, health, and well-being become bigger issues as we age. 

Men 55+ years young choose to engage in the services of the O.M. Spiritual Center to help and support them to manage and go through the struggles life's transitions bring. When you know "I'm not done yet!" but struggle to find direction and inspiration, O.M. Life Coaching helps and supports you to powerfully manage, transform, and transcend what life is giving to you so you can live your life in, from, and with

  • Purpose

  • Passion

  • Commitment

  • Direction

  • Focus

  • Velocity

all from your inner wisdom and while maintaining and honoring your dignity. To know and honor your worth, live with integrity, authenticity, and have value in all you do. 

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O. M. Life Coaching disclaimer. As a ontological life coach and non-denominational minister, this is the context in which I offer coaching. Life events may create many different effects and coaching should never be a substitute for appropriate and applicable professional advise. 

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Click on the video below for an introduction to Coaching for Men 55+

Not meant to be an inclusive list, here are some of the life event issues we will face... how many, aside from aging and death, well, that is but a reflection of your journey of life.

  • Profession / Job: loss of, change, "right sized" out, quit, fired, retirement, or laid-off. This can evoke emotions you didn't realize you had. But how can you respond into this life event, instead of reacting to it, and not let it define or control you?

  • Health / Illness / Accident: The fact is our bodies are not designed for eternity. Aging often brings many facets relating to our health that range from mild and temporary, life-threatening - but you heal from the illness or accident, to terminal. Yes, there are hard choices to make, pain and suffering, potential loss, and also there can be very rich and transformative moments for the person, family, and friends to experience.

  • Financial: You no longer have decades to make up for a financial mistake. From a place of your self empowerment, choice, and responding, how can you have and maintain dignity in your financial world?

  • Burn out: You wake up one day and the get up and go for that profession, job, or life, is gone and the realization is you hit burn-out. The emotional and physical roller-coaster can be brutal. Managing burn-out and going through it can be a death and rebirth transformational and transcendence experience rather than a sit on the sofa and wait to die experience!

  • Stress: The number ONE killer! Ages you before your time as well and reeks hell on one's bodies - physical, emotional, and psychological. How to manage it? How to go through it, manage it, transform it, re-evaluate life's priorities and create better for your life? 

  • Anxiety / Worry: A first cousin to stress. Both take you out of the present and rob you of your power. It is seductive as hell, because it is hell. How to manage it so it no longer owns and defines you?

  • Self Image / Self Identity: When the careers that were built on success and material accomplishments are over, who are you? What are you going to do? What is the meaning of your life now? What is the fundamental elements of your self image and identity? 

  • Aging: We are human beings becoming, every day. How do you handle the aging process?

  • Retirement: You may prefer to never retire, rather to transition into another chapter of your life. But retirement or transition, however you define it, how do you manage this change in life to find more passion for life? To be powerless or guided from your wisdom to your next chapter in life.

  • Starting Your Social Security Income: What's your story when the time comes to draw on your SSI benefits? What stories without merit come to mind that arise from your culture and history? Bringing awareness to the cause of your story opens the gates to possibilities for your transformation, peace, and understanding. 

  • Divorce: The largest demographic of divorce in the U.S. currently is the grey divorce, people over 50. The many facets of this domain... how to respond into them and never have them control you. How to define a new you?

  • Death: What is your self empowering story about death? What is your fear of death? What questions, issues, fears do you have? What grip, unconsciously, does your history and culture have on you around the subject of death?

  • Depression: This is a crisis in our world. Depression is sadness not dealt with. How can you deal with, manage and then overcome depression? How and where can you see opportunities and transform your life into living from inspiration?

  • Suicide: Another crisis in our world today. You are a child of God: whole (holy), infinite, Creator. How can you transform yourself into being in touch with, communicating with, the essence of who you are and transform and transcend suicidal thoughts?

  • Addictions: They come in almost countless forms. But they all share one element - they rob you of your True Self, your power, inspiration, and purpose. All addictions have meaning. Once uncovered, you can begin on a new journey of self-empowerment and being true to your Self. 

  • Moving: Being a snowbird or moving to be closer to family? Moving because health issues, death of a spouse or financial concerns? Many seniors think there home is their "carry me out of here" place. Too often it isn't and a move becomes necessary. Or it may be a move because you retired and time to enjoy a different climate/country/scenery, etc. Whatever the reason, a move can bring up a ton of emotions. Being able to manage them is critical, as just the act of moving is a major stressor in life. 

  • Empty Nester: Hate them as teenagers, love them forever as your child, but when they have moved out to create a life of their own, your home is never the same. How can your life be rich, fun, and fulfilled as an empty nester?

  • New Relationship: Death and divorce set the stage for the possibilities of a new relationship in this stage of our lives. And it is something you simply can not plan for. But how do you have a beautiful  new relationship at any age with decades of history each of you comes into the relationship with?

  • Couples Going Through Life Changes Together: Often couples go through life changes together and it can cause undo stress in the relationship. Know how to manage your relationship at these critical times can define your tomorrow's relationship . 

  • Closing a Business: Whether closing your business or its time to hand it over to the next generation, this can be an especially tough transition. Your business, your baby... and you are ending this relationship. You're not done yet in your life... what's next?

Wherever you are, I invite you to connect with me, and let's explore the opportunities, possibilities, and how to empower you and your life through any life event, the transition(s), you are facing. Just click on the button below to schedule our call today.



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