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WELCOME to the O.M. Spiritual Center's Evolving to Mastery eLearning Academy. We are committed to helping and supporting you achieve mastery in your life. Mastery of life is the evolving from - transcending - the egoic construct while connecting more and deeper with Source and your Observer. And the secret to evolving is literally found in the word evolve, love is spelled backwards in evolve! 

Our academy is designed with diverse topics (keep checking in with us, as we are developing classes daily), ancient Truths, and Laws of the Omniverse, to provide you with the knowledge you need to evolve and reach your full potential. Your Truth. You will find all of our classes inspiring while challenging you to overcome your egoic beliefs and habits that are stopping you, or thwarting your life, while developing new beliefs and habits grounded in Higher Consciousness. Whether you are seeking to enhance personal relationships, advance your career, improve your emotional or physical well-being, the Evolving to Mastery Academy classes to give you the knowledge you need on your journey toward mastery. 

This is your standing invitation to overcome past limitations, beliefs, and habits. Instead, to create a fulfilling, inspiring, and deeply meaningful life. Join us today and begin your transformational, transcending, journey toward mastering your life.

The Academy's classes are listed below.

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Evolving to Mastery Academy

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