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The O.M. Spiritual Center is open to everyone and anyone with a desire to further know thyself. Come with openness, curiosity, filled with wonder, and a commitment to better know yourself and to live your life in higher levels of consciousness. This is a commitment to self that you call forth... an inner revolution to transformation and transcendence.


We are human beings that have chosen to come into this dimension, this life experience, at this time to raise our consciousness and to help humanity raise it's consciousness. To be a conduit for higher energy on mother Gaia to help her in this unprecedented time. And this is not without our own inner struggles. So how do you and I navigate through struggles, the egoic mind, to learn the lessons, to become stronger, and live more and more from the Truth, the essence, of who we are? This is the core of where our services are offered from to help and support you to go beyond change and transform you life. 

We are human beings, not human doings. This is the philosophy of Ontology - Beingness. That we are Spiritual beings having a human experience. This is the philosophy of Metaphysics - beyond the physical.  


The O.M. Spiritual Center offers services to help and support you in becoming. We are human beings, always becoming. Becoming stronger, more humble more powerful, overcoming egoic mind, transcending lack, limitation, and struggles. Death and rebirth over and over... all part of life's journey of evolving into higher levels of consciousness.  

The ultimate goal of life is the transcendence and transformation out of the egoic mind. To be, live from, an expression of higher levels of consciousness... heart wisdom. 

In heart wisdom, you live a life of dignity, in peace beyond understanding, have quality of life, peace of mind, fulfillment, and freedom. Always present, you  also create your future and are always living into a future you designed.   

I extend an open invitation to join me on this journey called life through the services offered in the O.M. Spiritual Center. To engage in the services offered, as I promise to meet you wherever you are in your journey. 


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"What you seek is seeking you." - Rumi


Jim Hostler 

Founder, O.M. Life Coach

Awaken To and Live From Your Greatness... with Humility

We work hard to design our lives to be predictable and to control all aspects. Yet humanity is facing more crisis, more uncertainty, more suicides, resentment, resignation, anxiety, despair, dis-ease, and addictions than ever before in history. With access to more knowledge than ever, and more material wealth than the world has ever seen, we live with more limitations of who we are, how to live, and in ignorance of our immanent selves. 

Descartes famous saying, "I think, therefore I am", is the pinnacle statement of the fall of civilization and the full scale identification of the egoic self. The small self. 

Our small self has and is robbing us from our innate ability to feel the depth, the sacredness of life. And to realize and experience different levels of consciousness. Our divine essence has become enslaved and identified with our limited, separate, small self.  

What has to change to cause you, me, all of humanity to be different? The only way out, is to go within. Our inner world is where the revolution must take place first.


Einstein said, "the true measure of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and sense in which he has attained liberation from self". 

There is a part of you, all of us, that knows our inner Truth. The great wisdom that is buried in each of us... and the time to open the inner vault of wisdom is now. There is a part of you that has always known the truth. Time to wake your truth from its slumber.


I am in total disagreement with Descartes, you can't awaken your truth by thinking. Nor can you do more to accomplish this result. Rather, it is having your mind become a servant to your heart, which is how we are designed to be - to operate from.

O.M. Spiritual Center offers a variety of services to meet you wherever you are in your life and from exactly where you are, exactly where you are not, to help and support you to transform your human experience... to live from your greatness with humility. 

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Old ways won't open new doors.

“As a constant source of support and encouragement, Jim truly is a wonderful guide and light. His unique approach to life itself is inspiring.”

- Court S.

What impresses me most about Jim, is his astute business grounding and practicality, coupled with a strong connection to spirit and wisdom. He holds and ponders deep metaphysical questions, and I believe he can serve future clients from a place of humility and grace, connect with their real-world issues, and help them move up the ladder of


- Jerry Z.

Jim holds such beautiful caring space. I was so happy how he helped me reframe things differently - I started to take stock of what I was instead of what I am not with my work and I used that confidence to find myself again. Highly recommended! 

- Manjit D.

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