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Let me introduce you to SOAR... it's not just a book. Click on the video below to find out more.
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"What you seek is seeking you." - Rumi

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Old ways won't open new doors.

I have witnessed your greatness and I am glad to see you unleash it. Thank you for being you. I am better for it.

- Wendy

Jim is very insightful. His views are forward thinking and relative. Definitely encourage everyone to follow this page long as you are willing to be open to truth, authenticity, and growth.

Susan L.

What impresses me most about Jim, is his astute business grounding and practicality, coupled with a strong connection to spirit and wisdom. He holds and ponders deep metaphysical questions, and I believe he can serve future clients from a place of humility and grace, connect with their real-world issues, and help them move up the ladder of


- Jerry Z.

Jim holds such beautiful caring space. I was so happy how he helped me reframe things differently - I started to take stock of what I was instead of what I am not with my work and I used that confidence to find myself again. Highly recommended! 

- Manjit D.

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